Leaving Frontier, A New Adventure, and the Best Community Ever

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you will be missed Ed, those bizcuits review too ;) All i can say is Good luck on your journey and most important thing: Have fun! :)
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It's always the best who are leaving :( 1

Good luck, wherever you are going.


1 That doesn't include "Brett, Zac, Bo, Paige, Will, Paul, Chanté and Steggs". You're all awesome.
So sad! But I was expecting this when you started stepping back from ED streams. You've done an amazing job buiding this community, keeping the same energy all these years despite a community not always nice or fair.

You will be missed, you'll never be forgotten! :'(

@Will : you're taking some heavy follow-up, though you already proved yourself built for the job. Happy to see the void Ed lets behind him is being taken care of by a nice person such as you!
I just can't imagine Frontier without Ed, it's hard to picture it. I hope everything ended in good terms, and I wish you good luck!

Thank you for being the ray of sunshine on every livestream, and thank you for giving us a voice for the team to hear it.

You'll be severely missed! o7


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I'll miss the crap out of you ED. I hope you find a good place to dig your wonderful talent for community outreach into.

All the best o7
Wow, bit of a surprise but wishing the best on your next job. It was a real pleasure meeting you at ECM in Reading and hope that you're still going to be putting out stuff with Vin Yeti!
Oh no! And this year was such a good start. Ofc, I understand I did it myself and yesterday started a new job too. But still such a great loos for Community. We will be missing you.

Work safe,


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Absolutely. And I hope that I continue to know you! I'm not dissipating like at the end of a recent popular Blockbuster movie...
Glad to hear, Yep keep in touch if you're in my neck of the woods you've got my number mate.
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