Leaving Frontier, A New Adventure, and the Best Community Ever

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All the very best to you Ed Lewis, It was your attitude that kept so many entertained via your Twitch Elite play streams and Frontier Development Streams. You were the face of Frontier, and done it well. Your going to be missed greatly, Thank you for your amazing attitude to all the community.

Thank you Ed, for everything you have done for the community. Take care, good luck in your new adventures.
I was not able to make the livestream (as happens with me way too often), but good luck in the new job, Ed. You will be sorely missed here as throughout my time with the game, you have been the face of Elite Dangerous.

o7 Commander.
Hi Ed,

ED forum and videos will not be the same without you.
I am sure everyone will miss you very much.
I wish you the very best for your new job.

o7 Commander
I just saw the post.

Well, it's a sad new, Edward.

We will regret you. And I wish you the best for the future.

Fly safe ! Cmdr

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Good luck in your new job, Ed. You should keep playing Elite, if only to message random commanders about Raxxla/Salome.
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Ed, I know I'm late to the party, but I just found out that you're leaving. I'm sorry to see you go as you were indeed the friendly face of Frontier Developments that we all relied on. I hope you will find as much or more enjoyment in your new job as you had in this one.

Smooth sailing and see you out in the black.

Crazy Joe

PS: I hope that you aren't going to Star Citizen, that community is ultra-rabid, they'd eat you alive!
There's still time to change your mind (probably) ...

and it's a pretty cool song from nineteen hundred and eighty eight, so .. CHEERS CMDR o7

Long time lurker and livestream watcher here. End of an era, you and sandro both gone. 2 genuine characters that really made the livestream for me. Sad to see you go but I get it. But you are both going onward and upward. Best of luck in your future endeavours and thnks for all the hard work (and fun work). 👍
Just found out the news... Gutted! Genuinely sad to see you go, Ed. You made the live-streams worth watching with your enthusiasm, humour and warmth. Fly safe! o7
FOr everyone in here - the Gnosis (Canonn Interstellar's megaship) has now arrived 22Mm from Hutton Orbital in Alpha Centauri ready for this evening's leaving party in game for Ed.
Hutton Orbital Radio will be broadcasting a "Galactic Intern" special from 2030ish GMT for around 2.5 hours, including a chat with the community and the usual Hutton News and music - there's a 10 minute special feature that's been sent to us as well as a live camera from the Gnosis.

For listeners - www.huttonorbital.com/radio.aspx
for viewers - tv.forthemug.com (which links to our twitch special multi-camera setup)
and the green room if anyone wants to swing by toward the end of the show and say a few words, is at server address ts.forthemug.com

Ed won't be joining us in person, but we have it on reliable authority that he will be listening in for the show tonight, so we've chosen some special tunes for him to go with the usual NSFW and irreverent banter.
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