Lemnis Gate Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Early 2021

I mis-read this as "Lemnies Gate"... got me curious though. Is this subforum part of the public forum? I clicked it via the main forum menu on the website. I've added the game to my wishlist :) Good luck Devs!
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Hmmm, Yes....Very interesting

Interesting indeed...
Quite so. An interesting game mechanic that could work well.......... or completely suck.

One to keep an eye on............

[Edit]Watching the trailer: I'm reminded of Quake 3 Arena, but with a tactical mechanic added. The deco and landscapes in that map remind me of Warframe.

Hopefully not to become "Lemmings' Gate".[/Edit]
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I can hardly wait for Lemmy's Gate.......


...........oh; wait.
Hmmm. At least there is an update on release times. The worst thing that happens in games development is no information at all. That worries everyone I guess. However, I get that it's nice to notify early about a game release to get your potential customers on board, but also it's managing the expectations and timing the final release. Must be a headache.
It's on sale on steam at the moment (pardon if it's been mentioned before):

7 weeks until it unlocks though.

Jens Erik

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It's on sale on steam at the moment (pardon if it's been mentioned before):

7 weeks until it unlocks though.
If you pre-order you will get 20% off the full price :)
If there's one thing that grinds my gears, it's unfairness.
Why does this game get a section on a forum for a company that isn't developing it? Why don't the other games Frontier have published get sections on this forum? Struggling, for example. All I am commenting on is the lack of consistency.
The second thing that grinds my gears is avoiding answering a question.
EDIT: I'm not complaining, I am not criticising, as I said, I don't like unfairness.
Frontier signs a contract with a game developer, each contract would specify what services they want Frontier to provide to them. Struggling developers didn't want frontier to provide a forum, whilst Lemis gate devs did.
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