General / Off-Topic Lets debate the philosophical dilemma's of sensitivity

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How often has words been the knife which cuts to the truth of matters?
Is it better to have a sharp knife? and cut right to the heart of matters?

or should we cut back the layers and expose each problem one at a time?

Is philosophy a political debate in disguise?
If so, is advice the product political/philosophical debate? so should we begin to not reason... and just say Dumb stuff??

If philosophy is not important than are we spinning toward a unenviable vortex of stupidity and meaninglessness?

So why am i bringing this up!!??

becos Off topic has devolved into a meaningless void of nothingness!!
And the complacency of the Users.. has established the status Quo

I push boundaries!! get reprimanded!! Banned!! Hated!!
All for the sake of exercising my freedom to speak my mind!!
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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