General / Off-Topic Let's Have A Debate: To Be, Or Not To Be Vegan? That Is The Question ...

true that.

I stated that vegans in general hit me like a fanatical group but thats mostly due to personal interactions I had so far in my social surroundings. Fanatical as in "my way is better then yours and you absolutely need to see it my way". Frankly thats not how many posters in this thread come across so its personal experience over fact but I think I stated that already. Trying to stay unbiased but I cant help it that repeating past encounters makes me view the whole thing pretty much like the Jehowas witnesses or any other group of fanatical behavior.

I do learn about vegans through this thread tho and even tried to gather information elsewhere (basic "must" if you want to participate in a discussion I think) so its already a win for me :) My posts about veganism were my own view and how I perceive it. I dont speak for others (maybe my wife who pretty much shares my view :D) and directed at the OP asking for peoples opinions. I didnt intend to attack anybody who decided to become a vegan. I still stand by what I said that for me veganism at its core is a very noble thing.

There already were some great posts in here that transcendented the topic by demonstrating how to handle human interaction. I also learned from those so all in all, its been a (mostly) good read so far :)
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