Let's See Your Amazing Parks

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My son and I have been playing this game like crazy. I loved jurassic park and dinosaurs growing up. I'm so happy my son does too.
We decided to put a Jurassic Cafe into the Raptor paddock, just in case they wanted some coffee.
If you have any birds-eye views of your parks, feel free to share them. And I'm sure the raptors would love a coffee from time to time. Or the café patrons.

All my Five Deaths (screenshots + tour videos + maps)
These are some really good looking parks! You've used the available space incredibly well.
That's quite an impressive park! Did you build this in Sandbox? Which island did you use?
Yes and I used the 1993 Isla Nublar Map ☺👍, and this is on my YouTube channel Lord Baryonyx. I even put the video below these photos in order to show the tour of my Park.

Pics of Jurassic Park Europe\Africa park are on their way on my channel so I'll display the photos here later when eventually my latest video is displayed on YouTube.
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