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This is Sanctuary. A place where the dinosaurs can finally be safe. Here, we can start again and, having learned from our mistakes, create an environment that allows them to flourish. I hope you're ready because I sure am.

This was made in Claire Santuary Main Campaign

1-Tyrannosaurus Rex (1)

Jens Erik

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My Next Park under construction Jens Erik......
Nice! It looks great. Can't wait to see what it looks like once you're done :) I absolutely love the big open plaza with the trees surrounded by water. Really cool design choice!

Welcome to Isla Nublar, home of JURASSIC WORLD
Thank you! Your parks look really nice, Luispaistallon :D Please share more if you have any!
Since I'm not working on any new parks atm, I figured I'd do an early Throwback Thursday and post an old Making Of video I did from the before 2020 times, about two years ago precisely, explaining my general thought process back then. Back when Brachiosaurus taking exactly one step in any direction meant players had to remain constantly vigilant for fear of the Brachi breaking out because it was just out of range of ONE TREE in its exhibit.

Boy time sure flies, don't it?

Watch with captions on

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENpfLZCORJc

Eh, while I'm at it, here's a "Drone-thru" of a park I made about a year ago.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsCW-sfl_OM
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You know I had this crazy idea of a Green Garden Park in the center of my park although I wish that there was some sort of Jurassic world type of roller coasters but dinosaurs are also the best option just around the Green Park.

my favorite dinosaur is to use all the time or pretty much dinosaurs from operation Genesis.

Acrocanthosaurus 2x
Tyrannosaurus Rex 2x
Spinosaurus 2x
Charcaradontosaurus 2x
Allosaurus 2x
Ceratosaurus 5x
Velociraptor 6x-9x
Albertosaurus 4x
Brachiosaurus 3x
Camarasaurus 5x
Triceratops 6x
Stegosaurus 6x
Kentrosaurus 6x
Ankylosaurus 4x
Styracosaurus 4x
Torosaurus 4x
Parasaurolophus 14x
Edmontosaurus 10x
Corythosaurus 9x
Ouranosaurus 10x
Pachycephalosaurus 9x
Gallimimus 15x
Homalocephale 13x
Dryosaurus 12x
You know I had this crazy idea of a Green Garden Park in the center of my park although I wish that there was some sort of Jurassic world type of roller coasters but dinosaurs are also the best option just around the Green Park.
The best substitute for a Roller Coaster we've got is the Monorail, though it's always a fixed point above ground.
I finally got around to playing sandbox mode after a long time with challenge mode, so here is a large nublar 93 park I made in the JW era.
With 208 dinosaurs of 33 species with 11,200 guests.

Jurassic World Evolution_20200916130451.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200919123043.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200919123131.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200916225624.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200917154452.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20200917164824.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200919123301.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20200919123518.jpg

Jurassic World Evolution_20200919123627.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20200919124428.jpg

I mainly love to enjoy making exhibits in this park that focuses on migration. I made a U shaped chungkingosaurus exhibit, a square gallimimus exhibit, and a long dreadnoughtus exhibit. I would put feeders on two ends of the exhibit, and set the time so that the dinosaurs would finish one feeder, and then when the food is depleted, the second batch would be available, and have the dinosaurs move to the other side.

Like I have an exhibit for the dreadnoughtus, 6 dinosaurs only, and I noted that the 6 titanosaurs would deplete 2 tall paleo feeders in less than 15 minutes. So I made it where each end of the exhibit has 2 feeders, and that I set the time to that of 30 minutes, with a large body of water in the middle of the exhibit. So when the dinosaurs start eating from one end, they would drink the water closer to those feeders, and when they finish the first set, the other set would still be available for the next 15 minutes.

Besides that, it was fun trying making this park, it is very leafy and spacious than I expected. 🌳
I would like to share with you a little "aside" creation about my Jurassic Park : my own visitor map.

Obviously, as a fan, my first reaction was to try to "recreate" the same park as seen in the movie.
Of course, a lot of things had to be adapted.
My first inspiration was the fences as seen on computer screens in the movie with a bonus enclosure to make a "mini Site B".
The tour road is also inspired from the original one but without the go back by the gate.

So this is how looks my visitor map from the original :

And if you have some time to loose, this is the full tour. ;)
Jurassic World Safari Park

Kind of inspired by the real San Diego Zoo Safari Park (sister facility to the San Diego Zoo), the basic idea for this was to just build a couple of gigantic lots for the various species to run around in, each accessible only by Gyrosphere to protect our guests from the resident island's large predators, the Indoraptor and Acrocanthosaurus.

Official Press release:

Welcome to Jurassic World Safari Park! Stay at our five star hotel resorts and swim alongside herds of Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and Dryosaurus of the Jurassic Forest lot, or our herds of Olorotitan, Parasaurolophus, Edmontosaurus, and Muttaburosaurus in the Hadrosaur Forest! Take a monorail tour across the entire island, and get a bird's eye view of our dinosaurs! Or get a closer look from inside the safety of our gyrospheres, where guests can even interact with our packs of Indoraptors, Allosaurus, and Acrocanthosaurus! Kids will be sure to love our friendly herd of Ouranosaurus and Iguanodon! And if you want to see how dinosaurs evolved different strategies for defending themselves, be sure to check out our flock of fleet footed Gallimimus, or the armored Ankylodocus, Euoplocephalus, Edmontonia, Nasutoceratops, and Styracosaurus! Just don't get too close, or you may get more thrill from our herbivores than you bargained for! But the fun doesn't end there! Guests looking to relax at the end of their day at the park will be sure to enjoy our five star bowling lanes, retail and dining experiences!

Photos courtesy of Persianking44 Security Drones!

Security checkpoint, by the entrance:


security 2.jpg

The Main Street and Hotel Plazas



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