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hey Jens Erik I wanted to let you see this because this is for a battle of big rock mini series for next year on my YouTube channel that I'm still working on but it looks so good this is just a teaser of California.

for 2021 on my Channel on YouTube.......
Source: https://youtu.be/qVFG_CwQ_Eo
Thank you for sharing these, Jurassic Tyrant King. I do enjoying watching more narrative focused videos from the game! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Jens I really am glad you liked it I tried to keep it in line with the Canon as much as possible taking place between the events of the first Jurassic world movie and Fallen Kingdom.😃👍

here is another project I've been working on involving the Fallen Kingdom movie but also basically another rip-off of my favorite video Battle at Big Rock.
Source: https://youtu.be/mjzkjm4PF2g
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Hello All I'm new here and I've been playing this game about a year now on PS4. I have created a series of parks recently based off of the original Jurassic Park. This series takes place 20 years after Jurassic Park:The Lost World and no Jurassic World offshoot takes place. Ingen creates new parks and reopens Jurassic Park and Isla Sorna under better successful security.
First I'd like to share Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Kingdom. Some pics below. Enjoy. And Thanks for looking.

And an aerial tour here.

Source: https://youtu.be/i7wLqnp_XCM

Source: https://youtu.be/CIqcT9uAsio


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And finally still under construction, Jurassic Park: Dino Studios (PS4).

This park is inspired by Universal Studios and Disneyland. Hotels are on the outside and guests have to enter park at the Stegosaurus entrance. The Tyrannosaur Rex path is a public square that connects you to 6 of the parks attractions. There are a total of 9 attractions.

1. Rainforest gyrosphere safari (3 dinosaur species - herbivores)
2. Dino Stadium show (Trex family and sauropods with daily shows and more)
3. Cretaceous Jungle safari (Spinosaurus, two other carnivore species and more)
4. Meteorite Redwoods safari (explore a redwood forest populated with the most popular herbivores, and the territory of an Allosaurus. Including a view of a giant meteorite crater!)
5. Volcanic Oasis gyrosphere safari (tour a desert oasis filled with dangerous and friendly dinosaurs and climb the volcano Mount Jurassic!)
6. A viewing gallery of some of the smallest dinosaurs at Dino Parks
7. Aviary
8. Monorail tour around the entire park
9. Dino Studios Backlot tour (see how dinosaurs are created, ACU Dino Parks headquarters, with various Dinos never before seen at Dino Parks. Including an escape from a destroyed workers village overun by Raptors and a T-rex.)


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Welcome, to Ecosystem Park (well, just the Morrison formation dinosaurs as it's a WIP lol)

I hope I accurately designed the exhibits to reflect what we think the Formation looked like in the late Jurassic Period (a floodplain).

Top right is unrelated to the Formation, an exhibit for Herrarasaurus, being the only Triassic animal in the game. Beneath it, an exhibit for the Ceratosaurus family, herd of Camarasaurus, herd of Diplodocus, herd of Stegosaurus and Dryosaurus, and beneath that, the Allosaurus pack.

Ecosystem park 1.jpg
(Part 1)

Official Announcement

Welcome to Ecosystem Park!

The aim of this park was to accurately reflect the ecosystems these species once thrived in, or make it as close as possible to the real thing.

In grand total, there are approximately 131 dinosaurs across 28 species representing the Morrison, Frenchmen, Shaximiao, Tendaguru, Elrhaz, Bahariya, Horseshoe Canyon, Hell Creek, Udurchukan, and Ischigualasto Formations.

From the park entrance: Morrison Formation (dead center), Ischigualasto Formation (bottom left), and at the very top, the Tendaguru, Elrhaz, and Bahariya Formations.

Ecosystem park 1.jpg

To the right of the Morrison Formation exhibits are the Shaximiao, Horseshoe Canyon, Frenchmen, and Hell Creek Formations.

Ecosystem park 2.jpg

The Morrison Formation dates back to the Jurassic Era, and here at Ecosystem Park, is home to the widest array of species here at the park, including some of the most famous dinosaurs ever known. One of our most popular attractions, the Jurassic Ecosystems truck tour, will get our guests up close and personal to our herds of Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, Dryosaurus, and Stegosaurus...

Ecosystem park 3.jpg

Ecosystem park 4.jpg

Ecosystem park 5.jpg

Ecosystem park 6.jpg

Ecosystem park 7.jpg

Ecosystem park 8.jpg

Ecosystem park 9.jpg

Ecosystem park 10.jpg
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(Part 3)....and finally continuing onto the Tendaguru and Elrhaz Formation exhibits, home to (respectively) our herds of Girraffatitan, Kentrosaurus, Nigerasaurus, and Ouranosaurus, before making the return journey to the station!

Ecosystem park 14.jpg

Ecosystem park 15.jpg

Ecosystem park 16.jpg

Ecosystem park 17.jpg

Though we do ask guests to remain in their seats at all times, so as not to spook our animals

Ecosystem park 18.jpg

And even though our tour truck doesn't go further out to explore the rest of the Elrhaz and Bahariya Formation exhibits (for the safety of our drivers and guests!), guests may be able to view the animals that called such formations home, the Suchomimus pack (from Elrhaz), Spinosaurus mating pair, and Carcaradontosaurus mating pair (from the Bahariya Formation), from the safety of our state-of-the-art viewing galleries!

Ecosystem park 19.jpg

Ecosystem park 20.jpg

Ecosystem park 21.jpg

Ecosystem park 22.jpg

Ecosystem park 23.jpg
(Part 4)

Ecosystem park 24.jpg

Onto some behind the scenes, all of our exhibits are interconnected with quarantined areas where our expert team of rangers and vets can safely attend to our dinosaurs' needs!

Ecosystem park 25.jpg

In one such area, with a storm bearing down on them, our vets just managed to prevent an outbreak in the nick of time!

Ecosystem park 26.jpg

Ecosystem park 27.jpg

With a clean bill of health, the Diplodocus returns to the herd!

Ecosystem park 28.jpg

Moving onto the rest of the park, our second tour vehicle, the Gryosphere Tour, takes guests on a much more personal, even closer view, of the Shaximiao, Udurchukan, Frenchmen and Hell Creek Formations. Home of the some of the most famous dinosaurs ever known, and the weirdest, guests can find themselves eye to eye with the herds of Mamenchisaurus, Gigantspinosaurus, Chungkingosaurus ( all Shaximiao), Olorotitan (Udurchukan), Edmontontosaurus, Torosaurus, Triceratops (from the Frenchmen Formation), Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus (both Hell Creek), and Tyrannosaurus Rex pair ( from both the Frenchmen and Hell Creek Formations).

Ecosystem park 29.jpg

Ecosystem park 30.jpg

Ecosystem park 31.jpg

Ecosystem park 32.jpg

Ecosystem park 33.jpg
(Part 5)

Little do our guests know, our Olorotitans are expert detectives, on the case of the missing Gryosphere!

Ecosystem park 34.jpg

Well, at least one of them is an expert detective, while the others are still looking...

Ecosystem park 35.jpg

The Frenchmen Formation lot:

Ecosystem park 36.jpg

Ecosystem park 37.jpg

Ecosystem park 38.jpg

Ecosystem park 39.jpg

Who knew Torosaurus could be so photogenic?

Ecosystem park 40.jpg

Ecosystem park 41.jpg

Ecosystem park 42.jpg
(Part 6) The final part

The Ankylosaurs of Horseshoe Canyon (Euoplocephalus, Edmontia (yes technically Nodosaurus but pretend otherwise))

Ecosystem park 43.jpg

Hell Creek: Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus

Ecosystem park 44.jpg

And finally, the Tyrannosaurus pair of Hell Creek and Frenchmen Formations

Ecosystem park 45.jpg

The Queen of the island:

Ecosystem park 46.jpg

And her mate:

Ecosystem park 47.jpg
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