Let's talk about the absurdity of fines while rescuing from stations.

Getting fines whilst evacuating or needing to pay off fines before you're allowed to help?

If it's the former, surely the same game rules in place to prevent griefers in normal stations equally need to be in place to stop griefers whilst evacuating burning stations?

If it's the latter, I agree. Let's talk about it.
These threads are always fun - should you:

1) Treat new experiences as learning experiences where you work out how to fly fast in a burning station, or
2) Demand that the experience is changed to make it so there are no consequences to your actions?

I guess we know what the OP chose ;)
It could maybe be worse, when the Gnosis incedent happened CMDRs were under attack by Thargoids whilst still on the deck. If they took off to defend themselves/the Gnosis from attack and fired weapons etc in the NFZ, well the Gnosis gunners helpfully blasted them to tiny pieces!
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