[LFG] LFG: Casual group, preferably PVE

Hey there, been getting back into ED again. Mostly been space trucking and dabbling in the ol' Exploration stuff.
Open to going PVP but not looking to focusing on that.

Think what I'm looking for is a casual group based in EU that does mostly PVE and doesn't have set trainings/timings for log ons.

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Hi Lykas Marien,

Nova Navy is more than welcome to have you with us, we are Empire squadron that support Nova Imperium BGS, which mainly PvE. It also include trading, exploration and doing missions for the faction. This is our Discord, feel free to hang out and know us better.

Yours sincerely,

Hadrian Augustus Duval
*Edit. We are Empire and power independent. And English is our prefer language, though I am a Finn.
Greetings Commander,

Octavian Vanguard are a English speaking Imperial squadron and growing minor faction who play on PC / Mac platform, mostly in our 30/40s and our members mostly from the UK with some in other EU countries so we are very active in EU Timezone.

No set training / timings etc, we are a quite casual group with a relaxed friendly atmosphere that mostly engage in PVE, we always have objectives set to help our PMF but its up to you on whether to participate, some of us are also interested in PVP / Powerplay / Thargoid hunting activities when the mood suits but again this is optional. We do a bit of everything really, not focused on any one style of play.

Take a look at our inara page for more information on what we are about and for link to our Discord server
Hey probably found your new home already if not Nexus Union currently looking for new members we do Casual play as well as have an in game faction and do alot of PVE and engineering at the moment if interested join our discord or check us out.

may I introduce to you the Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps (ARRC). We are a small but vivid bunch of mostly combat oriented players, but also engage in whatever looks like fun. ARRC members have driven SRVs into space stations, challenged themselves to make a billion credits in a day (and succeeded!), and similarly weird stuff.

On a more serious note, we maintain presence in no less than 27 star systems around the "Old Worlds", control roughly half of them, and constantly strive to expand and maintain our little realm. BGS work is usually done in PvE mode.
We are mostly UK/European based, and all communication is in English.

You are welcome to visit us on Discord, or check us at INARA (links below). We are looking forward to meet you.

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