LGBT Frontier Now Recruiting

Hi, I'm CMDR Newt Loranas.

It can be lonely out in the black. Some of us like that. Others want to know there are people like ourselves out there.
I would like to announce the formation of LGBT Fontier.
Currently Independent and Unaffiliated to any faction.
It's just me right now but I want to build a laid back and friendly environment for all LGBTQ+ players and friendly players who simply don't care about all that letter stuff.

I ( We) Don't care about your religion, colour, country of origin. All are welcome. Any style of play is allowed ( Pirates - No hunting squardon members ) because we recognise that diversity in play style benefits us all and adds depth to a rich universe ready to be explored, exploited and in some cases have bits of it blown up.

Also - How do I set my squadron public statement?
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Indeed, for now it is only possible to be part of one at a time. I don't mind leaving mine to join the other, I'll ask the others what they think about it
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