LHS Mining Crew [PC] [Federation] Looking for more players!

Hey all,

We are a gang of players aged 20-35 who recently got our minor faction LHS Mining Crew added in the LHS 71 system.

We just managed to get our faction into election vs another faction and we would love all the help we can get in order to win said election and then expand enough to gain control over the entire LHS 71 system.

We played almost everyday, most of us work during daytime but we still manage to put in 3-5 hours during the evenings. It is not required of all our members to be able to play that much but you should be able to play at least 2-3 days a week.

We are in the timezone UTC +2 CEST

We are a Federation aligned player group.

Anyhow, all help with our current election would be greatly appriciated, just drop by LHS 71 and do election missions for LHS Mining Crew.
and if you want to join us and play with us on a regular basis just apply to the LHS Mining Crew Squadron.

We hope to see you guys in game.

Best Regards
LHS Mining Crew
We are in a mayor lead in the elections so we will most likely win it and our first station.
I want to give a huge thank you to all the players here in LHS 71 helping us out, it really means a lot.
For all of you who enjoys our system please feel free to stay and join us. As you can see we have good mining and rez spots. And lot's of other good systems nearby.
Just search for our squadron "LHS Mining Crew" and apply to join, we currently accept everyone!

Best Regards
LHS Mining Crew
Great news,

We managed to win the elections and by that we gained our first planetary base Tayler Bastion, we are now spamming all kinds of activities to gain even more influence in order to capture Jun Hub and the system.

Just wrote this message to express my appreciation to everyone who helped us win our elections, thank's a million for the help and i'm glad to see some of you sticking around to mine and do haz res. Feel free to join our squadron if you want.

Best Regards
LHS Mining Crew
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