Parks Liberty Land (park in progress)

Greetings PC Community!

The goal of this thread is to document my spouse and I’s construction of our park! We want to take what we have learned from scenarios and sandboxes in the past and apply it to a new venture, while also sharing the process with the community to get some feedback and field ideas.

This park is inspired by the tropes of Disneyworld with a focus on theme and family enjoyment vs a roller-coaster-haven-style park. We’ve been calling it Liberty Land, but aren’t 100% on the name (would love suggestions!) We’re starting out with paths, basic building structure, and trying to recreate the feeling of 18th-century New England. (Essentially the bones of the park before the decoration/shops/details.) Eventually our Americana area will lead to various other themed corners of the park (Adventure, Sci-Fi, etc). Hardest thing so far has been how paths interacted with the sidewalk pieces; we can’t decide if we want peeps walking on the sandstone sidewalks or not :-/ It could be a fun way to hide a queue in the future!

For initial park layout, we’re thinking something due north of our entrance building to serve as a landmark for the area with a town square/market between. Doing some research into American landmarks; hopefully something will be there next week! East we wanted to create a little inlet in the dock, which was honestly something I spotted in Assassin’s Creed and thought was cool. West we wanted to make a little plaza for a Merry-Go-Round, with the Old North Church kind of serving as a landmark for that area. We put in the bones of a food building that was modeled off of the Crown Coffee House (old Boston tavern on docks).

View entering park docks looking at the Merry-Go-Round plaza.

Faneuil Hall Park Entrance: Our park entrance building is inspired by Faneuil Hall, which was a marketplace and meetinghouse in Boston at the time. It's been built on and added to and looks quite different now, but we went for the original.

Crown Coffee House: Based on Boston tavern that is near the old docks. Fitting right? Future home of lots of beverages. Which food stalls would best match for bar food? Burgers? Frites? Hot dogs? We need a pretzel stall stat!

Old North Church: We might put a shop/stall/bathroom in this eventually. It’s just one of our favorite Boston monuments and thought we’d put it in to set the theme some more!

Our goal is to post an update every week, maybe more if we’re having an inspirational week! We’d love to hear feedback from the community. We're holding off on sharing any blueprints on Steam Workshop, but will be adding major buildings as they are completed!

Tata – Hunter & James


Nice start of a park! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your progress!

Good luck & enjoy, Tata - Hunter & James :)
Liberty Land (Update #2)

Greetings again! We’re taking advantage of a few days off work, and made a lot of progress today.

Coming back to it, the spacing around the Merry-Go-Round looked weird so we fattened the path on the west end to make it feel more centralized in the plaza. Also added a smaller dock in front of the Crown Coffee House.

Next addition we made was our central landmark for what we’re now calling ‘Old Boston’; Independence Hall (yes, we know it’s not ACTUALLY in Boston but rather Philadelphia, but it’s just so PRETTY). We originally built this over the summer thinking it would be a future park entrance, but it turned out better than we expected and we decided to make it our centerpiece for Old Boston. (Debating on if it’ll be a train/transit/roller coaster station in the future).

Last section we tackled today was the eastern block. We looked at what we had, and realized that a park actually needs rides! Trying to go with the ole’ classics, we stuck in the Chair-o-Plane and Big Wheel to add some stuff to do in this area. Started theming the area with some more buildings, one of which being inspired by the Old Brick Meeting House (another church in Boston if you’d believe it!).

That’s all for today. As always, we welcome feedback and look forward to where this park is going. Our next focal point will be around the town market in front of Independence Hall. James wants to shove a roller coaster in somewhere; we’ll see =P

Tata – Hunter & James
this has the looks of a great park
Thanks for the encouragement! Star Wars Land is a work of art, and we'd definitely have season passes!

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Nice start of a park! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your progress!

Good luck & enjoy, Tata - Hunter & James :)
Thanks Joël! We look forward to sharing our progress.
Liberty Land (Update #3)

Hello again! A few news things along with changing some old things this time around.

Biggest addition is our American Arrow roller coaster! We were able to just barely make the station fit within Independence Hall, and are using the track layout to serve as a border to the eastern side of our Old Boston area. Added and relocated some buildings around the town square/market to make it feel more like the main thoroughfare of the area. These additions should also make Chair-O-Plane much more exciting!

View from town square looking east. Much nicer to see the Big Wheel and coaster through as well.

View from town square looking southwest. These buildings forced us to scooch Old North Church further down, but it still serves as a nice landmark for heading west.

View of entrance and exit through back of Independence Hall. Also added some larger windows/openings to help if not feel so shut-in at the station.

Last thing was the finishing touches on the Old North Church, and we added the blueprint to the Steam Workshop if you want to check it out:

Tata – Hunter & James
Happy Friday! We’ve got some additions, deletions, and one big replacement done today. Loading the park from yesterday, the first thing we noticed was the steel, looping roller coaster that didn’t really fit the aesthetic of the area. So we said goodbye to the American Arrow and hello to the Independence!

Simple out and back, it’s more of a family-friendly coaster that we can theme out. Currently thinking of a fort or something to change over into Adventure/Pirate area?

Re-did the queue on the ground floor of Independence Hall to look more clean and open.

The biggest addition that we made today was our Bumpin Derby dock. Once it’s all decorated, it should look pretty awesome!

Lastly, we added lots of little small additions in the form of shops and basic shop decorations. Crown Coffee House is starting to take shape! Hardest thing was the small steps up to the shops, but it was the only way to still keep some of the sidewalk visible.

That’s all for today; this weekend we might try and focus on coaster theming or start doing the next layer of decoration since everything is pretty bare-bones still. We’ll see!

Tata – Hunter & James