Roller Coasters LIfe-Size Pinfari ZL42

Here's a life-size Pinfari ZL42. It moves faster in places than the real thing due to having to deal with PC friction. And despite all the headchoppers, it has negligible fear to go with its lackluster excitement. This is a kiddie ride despite the neck-breaking circular loop.

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This was made with a Looney Turns track (simple track, looping, and kid-friendly) with Invincible cars. It's about the smallest life-size coaster it's currently possible to make and the primary inaccuracies are due to the irreducible mass of the station. It has no theming whatsoever or even a station--I leave that as an excercise of the interested student.

The real ride was designed to be portable and has 2 ballast tanks full of water, 1 on each end in the center of the turns, to hold the ride still on the ground. It's cheaper and easier to get water on-site than to haul that much weight around. Most permanently mounted examples only have 1 tank at the station end, as I've built it here, and often have turned it into some sort of fountain. But some permanent examples have both tanks and have usually filled them with sand instead of water. There are also some permanent examples with no tanks at all as they don't really need them. I've included the 2nd tank for them as want it.

Wow, this is such great work! Really like it lots and it's sooo accurate for what is possible in the game :)
Great work Bullethead!
Fully agree!!! Bullethead, your "life size" collection holds some of the best coasters found in Planco! This is perfect amazing work!!! The ZL42 is my favourite[woah], because that one I knew from many real life experiences! Thanks so much for building this and sharing! [happy]
A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop
Thanks muchos, Games4Tom and CorkScrewLoop! Making such small replica coasters is a fun little puzzle that I enjoy doing, and I'm better at this sort of thing than making pretty parks. I'm glad others like my stuff ;).

This particular coaster, while it might be a reasonably accurate replica, probably won't get much business if you put in a park. Despite having a loop, the stats are way down in the kiddie class and it's so small and short that its prestige will always be pretty low even with queue scenery and a couple of triggers. My other life-size compact coasters, OTOH, are more attractive to more peeps.

If anybody has a request for another small coaster, I'll see what I can do about it ;)
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