Astronomy / Space Lifeforms found on Mars!

This guy can't even tell the difference between insects and petrified dog poop.
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This professor, as far as I know, is the only one. Not time to take it serious, just yet.

That said, I don't believe life is unique to Earth, that doesn't mean that I believe it currently exists on Mars either. Until they bring back Dejah Thoris' body, I'm gonna remain a wee bit skeptical. ;)
If it is Pareidolia.... why are there "insects" from Earth on Mars?

It is emerging patterns of the Universe.... that is why life came to be in the first place.

And even more mind blowing... does this mean that all other shapes of the rocks around there are Pareidolia of Alien life elsewhere in the universe?


Never see a clump of rock the same way after knowing THAT.

And by that notion, we therefore KNOW what alien lifeforms look like.
People have seen canals on Mars, then a face and some pyramids.
Now they're seeing insects.

Edit: not saying that there was not life on Mars, but the article brings no proof... only some fine example of pareidolia
Its just some very blurry photos. If it didnt say they were from mars i would think its a picture of somones foot with the zoom all the way up amd being pressed against it
Atmospheric pressure on Earth 101,000 Pa.
Atmospheric pressure on Mars 610 Pa.
Seems like a big gap for gas availability to support anything bigger than microcells.
Don’t know what it is, I find the discussion interesting because it’s out in the main stream, and oddly enough the usual ridicule of the scientist didn’t happen as much as it use to.
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