Lights for rides

Hi everyone,

I've made a quick search and I don't found any thread about the lights for rides. Currently there no simple way to light a ride. I mean for me it's not easy to light my rides only with spotlights. So I've thought that it could be interesting if the lights were automatically added to the track, or at least a if a tool to do this was created it could be really cool.

For example see the picture below:

What to you think guys?
Perhaps they could be a track option (like the chain lift, brakes and boosters) that adds lights to the side, either static colours or programmed patterns. There would be the potential for the debts to implement some pretty awesome lighting patterns as well, for instance a base colour that highlights as the cars are passing.

Maybe have an option for lights on the pillars as well.
I have worked out how to do pillars with spot lights, it works really well. You can make them as high as you want and it allows you to put spot lights up and down the pole where you want. I am using these to light up rollercoasters and paths. The street lighting did not light up the whole path but with my towers of light it lights the whole path up.
i love this idea ! but the example image is a bit too much !

I think they should be customization colors, so that is a possibility but you can also have more plain colors. Of course, I do think this should be optional and you should have the ability to have no lights at all. Not all coasters in parks have lights like this, however a lot of the "bigger" ones do.