Lights on Lift hills

I serached for this, but could not find it. I think it would be a good idea to have lights on the lift hills (at least as an option to automatically add them). Here is what a section of one of my lift hills look like now:

Personally I think it is too dark in the night.
OMG you just gave me an idea! Good point though I never noticed that there were no lifthill lights. I knew it looked to dark I just couldn't figure out why.
many of the coasters I know of have lights at the very top of the hill, but I dont recall seeing lights all the way up the hill (maybe on some coasters) but definitely at the top would look nice... isnt it already possible to add lights around the track tho?
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We can add lights individually by using the decorations in the buildings menu. It is very time consuming and tedious to get them just right.
Do you mean add a building grid to the lift hill catwalk similar to the station? It would have to be a separate grid since the lift hill is not always at the station.