After doing lots of material scouring about the cosmos for every bit of goodness I can use for synthesis, as well as engineering it occurred to me.


It often takes longer to collect loot with limpets than it takes to liberate them from either the bum of an Anaconda, or a shiny rock. That in and of itself is neurotic, and adds unnecessary tedium to this game. I can't tell you how many times I've forgone loot collection because it's obnoxious and takes away from actually playing the game. Collecting loot should NOT be a chore, period. There is no excuse for this, in any rational sense even lore based. Moreover, you have to use internal space just to collect loot without flying around like some overweight space guppy, or lethargic version of the hungry hungry hippos. The capacity to collect loot from destroyed rocks or slag resembling a Waste Robber should not be tedious. Especially considering that the new engineering system requires much more materials to use.

Limpets for other things actually make actual sense, like research limpets, or prospecting limpets. But even those could go away, and maybe they should. Mind you, there are certain things you can't use scans for, where actual chemical analysis would be useful. But those situations should be the exception, not the rule. Having experience with advance spectroscopy, and technology that uses combined forms of electromagnetic emissions, and passive and active detection methods, there is very little excuse for the tedium that is Limpet Usage. In 2018, we can tell how full a Tesla's trunk, and cup holders are from space. There is no reason why in 3304, why we should need gloried beer can launchers to detect something less than 1km away from us. Even though it is "Potentially Realistic" this is a genuine situation where realism should take a backseat to playability.
Someone suggested that drops could be higher, e.g. a canister not being 1T but 5T. I for one would like to see a tractor beam (thargoid tech), but I think when you have 6 limpets flying around things go quickly as not to bother at all. I assume your concern is collecting materials on CZ or RES from dead ships.. if this is the case then learn to stay close by the remains and stop running, you can still kill ships at low speed, and limpets will not explode even if you are moving at 50ms
Yup these limpet collectors are near worthless. I manual scoop faster than them. Plus, they die so easy from a debris sneeze, makes them even more worthless.

I'd like to suggest perhaps an area tractor beam module to scoop up loot.
I dont mind limpets so much, as having multiple controllers make it a breeze.. HOWEVER when I am trying to collect limpets in a combat situation, or pirating megaships and the limpets just get blown up all the time, this is extremely frustrating.

I would like to see the addition of Armoured limpets that take significantly more damage, but cost more to buy... A tractor beam would be best, but I dont see that happening any time soon....
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