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Hello everyone......I am a returning player...I started with the Kick starter program years ago (actually I am one of those oldies that played the original Elite back in the 80s) unfortunately for personal reasons I had not played in awhile. Recently found the time and desire to play again but could not find my original copy on my computer (thought for some reason it must of gotten deleated)
Anyhow I bought a new copy of the game thru steam after downloading and playing and with some more searches on my computer I somehow found the old copy (was I happy,
millions of dollars and fully geared up ships)
To make a long story short I somehow linked my old account to steam and now no longer have access to the new copy which I would also like to play..contacted steam but was referred to Frontier to get info on how to un far cannot find anything in forum on the subject......Is there an answer for this?
On my steam library page there are two tabs for Elite but both takes me to the old copy....I am so wanting to buy the Horizons pkg but am afraid it would get lost somehow.
Hi and welcome back! I'm not sure if you've fixed this already but if not, log in to your Frontier account and select Account Dashboard from the My Account drop down menu. There you will see on the left menu a link to Third Party Accounts.

Once you are on that page you should see an "Unlink From Steam" button. Log out of Steam and restart ED (if it's running). Hopefully your new Steam ED should be playable from there, leaving your original ED account to start (or install) via the game launcher . You may find it wise to reinstall separately your Steam version and/or your Frontier version, just to make sure there's no cross contamination. All your progress data is on the server so you won't lose anything.

Your original purchase from Frontier should still be there to download under My Orders. I won't go into the details here but you must get Horizons, it opens up so much more to the game. One minor thing you'll notice beween old and new accounts, because you were a Kickstarter, every ship insurance rebuy will be lower in your old account, it was a permanent gift from Frontier.

If for some reason that doesn't work I would contact Frontier Support. A lot of Commanders like having 2 accounts, for me it''s a great opportunity to do things differently, boldly doing what I haven't done before! Fly safe o7
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