List of ammonia worlds

No, this isn't a list where you can post your finds to, I just couldn't resist making this thread title :D

So, similar to how I made an analysis of ELWs from the EDDB (and EDSM) data, which you can find here , I made one for ammonia worlds. Thanks again to Redfox for helping me obtain a relatively recent dump of the data! It's worth noting that compared to the current state of EDDB, this has considerably less ammonia worlds: after pruning out erroneous entries, of which there weren't many, this has 23,536 AWs, while EDDB lists 37,960. Perhaps there was an ammonia rush as the existence of Thargoids became fact, not just rumours?

Anyway, here's the sheet that you're looking for:

Similar to how I did a mapping of such ELWs onto a sector map, I'll do it for these too. It'll just be a bit later, since I don't have the time for that in the upcoming few days, but I thought I'd share the above with you before that.

Also, credits go to the same people as before.

Some of my observations so far:
Regarding the atmosphere types: I made a count, but didn't list percentages and such, because as it turns out, the data is unreliable. Probably a result of journal changes. There are 5000 atmospheres listed as "No atmosphere", but only 1343 planets have a zero surface pressure. 3312 had "Unknown atmosphere" listed, and 962 had the type missing altogether. Still, at least we can tell that airless ammonia worlds are quite rare.
I never did look at this with the ELW data, as I simply removed atmosphere type from there.

Compared to ELWs, AWs are much more varied of course. This is reflected even in the mass code counts: ammonia worlds are spread out across them better than the Earth-likes are, with mass code D only slightly more numerous than code C. The exceptions to this are ammonia moons: those still dominate mass code D.
As could be expected, there are ammonia worlds in mass code H systems, and not just ammonia moons. Compare to Earth-likes, where the only ones that were found in such systems were all moons. A likely cause for that is the moon temperature bug, and that the temperature limits for ELs are much more strict than those of AWs.

The orbital characteristics of ammonia worlds are relatively similar to those of Earth-likes, they can just be farther out. It's odd though how the median orbital eccentricity of ammonia moons is exactly zero.

As for the planetary characteristics, those can be much more extreme than those of the Earth-likes, owing to the much more relaxed limits. If all ammonia worlds were habitable for Thargoids, that would mean they would be far more resilient than we are. Of course, they likely aren't - and I wonder if in the future we won't see these planets divided into "Ammonia World" and "Thargoid World" categories, similar to how WWs and ELWs are.

Fun little tidbit: the farthest AW from the arrival point was 614k ls out, while the farthest ELW was 660k ls. Personally, I would have expected it to be the other way around.
Great stuff [smile] I've been listing Ammonia Worlds since I started playing the game and guess I have over 200 of these I can put on the sheet over the next few weeks.

I've always had a liking for these smellier, bleached out, not quite Earth Like worlds!
Hello. I'm curious. As a new Commander who's been focusing on Exploration, (honking, scanning, selling data), what is he 'value' of knowing where Ammonia worlds are? I mean, after an Ammonia world has been scanned, and that data has been sold, is there some other use for knowing where these planets are? Can rare materials be found on them? Please forgive my ignorance. Thank You
@ snake-bio: We can't land on any ammonia worlds yet, but they have been linked to the Thargoids. AWs around the Pleiades have Thargoid Probes in orbit, and it's highly likely that there's going to be more to come. So, if in the future the aliens expand, the data might be even more useful.
No, this isn't a list where you can post your finds to, I just couldn't resist making this thread title :D
Not often an audible "w-t-f ?!?" is uttered when browsing this forum - but this was one of those times :D

Intresting pointers you've found so far and looking fwd to the updates! ...although I'm still somewhat doubtful about the quality of the underlying data. Given a current bodies.jsonl from EDDB we'd have that problem (plus the missing 14k AW) solved in a day :(

If anyone else is interested in voting for such an export (subject to technical feasibility and willingnes on EDDB's end) feel free to drop a line over here:
I suspect the reason an ELW has been found further out from arrival point than an AW is a preference on the fact an ELW is more valuable and rarer and many commanders will not travel too far to scan an AW.

However I love finding these Thargoid Worlds and here are some pics of the more unusual finds

This is my favourite AW find- orbiting a main White Dwarf.I have found a few orbiting Neutron Stars but I suspect this may be the only Ammonia World orbiting a WD found in the game so far.


Ammonia Moons seem as rare as Earth Like Moons as I have only found two.


I have found one Ammonia World that is a moon of a Gas Giant


Ammonia World can often have moons orbiting but this one had five-all landable too


I have found a few double Ammonia Worlds.These type of washed out AW can often be missed as a far out HMC or Icy World at first glance.


There are two Ammonia Worlds orbiting a Herbig.Now an AW in a Herbig system is not rare-they are often found but the distance between them is nearly 1000 ls away.


Now this is the biggest one I've found at over 79 Earth Masses.It's not the biggest found in the game but it is a heavy ball of bleach!

Ammonia World orbiting a B star- what a great find!

Has anyone found one orbiting an O star,Black Hole or a Wolf Rayet system?
So I looked into this. Based on the list's data (not the current EDDN data yet!), out of nearly 23,000 systems, only 22 systems have three or more ammonia worlds in them. In fact, there's only one system that has four, which would be M7 Sector IF-S b19-4. So, you've found something that's incredibly rare. Right on, Commander!
I found this bad boy a while back. I thought it was pretty large, but then I found 1 even larger...

I also seem to hold the record in EGO for the lowest density Ammonia world, but for the life of me I can't see this attribute listed ....
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One of my favorite Ammonia Worlds (orbiting L-star), which I discovered very close to the Colonia. But, unfortunately, when I returned to the Colonia after a long time, I saw that Heavy Johnson had done it before me))
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