List of Earth-like worlds, v2

Here are my latest findings, still no ringed ELW :/

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeringed ELMoonsScreenshot URL
Bleia Eohn RF-K c10-1AB 42189,83ToyTenK7 VA, M2 VA, L1 VA, T3 Vnono Source:
Eidaik RO-X d2-53410711,9ToyTenF0 VIno1 Source:
Drojaea RF-U c4-1A 63072,6ToyTenK7 VA, M3 VA, L6 Vnono Source:
Drojaea GY-H d10-4A 53792,15ToyTenA9 VI, K0 VAB,M2 VAnono Source:
Flyooe Hypue OJ-N c8-7A 67032,4ToyTenK3 VA, M4 VAnono Source:
Eok Flyuae OI-I d10-5952717825,99ToyTenA0 VZnono Source:
Dryoi Pri YM-H d11-3873121716,72ToyTenF2 VBnono Source:
Phipoea CM-C d13-58601028246,75ToyTenF8 VBnono Source:
Dryau Briae PD-B d1726DEFG 231017,44ToyTenF8 VB, K4 VA, M5 VA, G2 VAB, M6 VA, L1 Vno1 Source:
Dryau Briae GC-U d3-2193231269,11ToyTenF7 VBnono Source:
Styeks TI-K d8-143A 741975,14ToyTenM7 VB, M4 VAnono Source:
Blu Aowsy IK-A d16642482,68ToyTenF4 VBnono Source:
Plaa Briae UF-R c4-34650349,31ToyTenK2 VABnono Source:
Ploea Eur CA-X d2-0c 126380,05ToyTenF1 VI, M2 VA, K5 VABnono Source:
Wregeia AK-A d1458067,87ToyTenF3 VBnono Source:
Byaa Eurk UE-Z d33B 19463,07ToyTenA8 VB, G8 VAnono Source:
Drojau KW-U d3-2395120,72ToyTenF1 VBnono Source:
Aucopp NP-S c6-672832,93ToyTenG4 VABnono Source:

Thanks again for this thread :)
Last one from DW2

System nameDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
Dryao Chrea EU-A d103828439.52546MLAT HROMOVLADF8VB,G7VABFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a landable moon-319.062531728435.96875
Dryaa Bluae WP-F d11-185129424.53204MLAT HROMOVLADF1VI,K7VAFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a landable moon608.0625-969.12529402.28125
Eok Byoe HK-R d4-305730174.29869MLAT HROMOVLADF5VAB,G5VAB,K8VA,M1VAFALSE0 Source:
Eoch Byio JY-I d9-198730531.56365MLAT HROMOVLADF7VBFALSE0 Source:
Eoch Byio SA-E d12-799730751.98314MLAT HROMOVLADA8VIFALSE0 Source:
Eoch Byio ZR-A d14-560130919.35291MLAT HROMOVLADA9VI,F3VBFALSE0 Source:
Braisio QI-B d357030983.16175MLAT HROMOVLADF1VIFALSE0 Source:
Braisio QI-B d737230986.63916MLAT HROMOVLADF3VIFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a landable moon1562.46875-718.687530938.875
Braisio QI-B d83631024.44415MLAT HROMOVLADA5VB,K4VAFALSE0 Source:
Braisio UO-Z d441031064.06892MLAT HROMOVLADF8VBFALSE0 Source:
Braisio AL-W d2-621031269.58873MLAT HROMOVLADA8VI,K3VAFALSE0 Source:
Braisio AL-W d2-298131304.81122MLAT HROMOVLADA7VBFALSE0 Source:
Braisio GC-T d4-570431406.87601MLAT HROMOVLADF0VIFALSE0 Source:
Braisio GC-T d4-892331418.75929MLAT HROMOVLADF0VI,M4VAFALSE0 Source:
Braisio HC-T d4-837831461.47604MLAT HROMOVLADF1VI,K1VAB,K0VA,M6VAFALSE0 Source:
Braisio LI-R d5-876931524.49482MLAT HROMOVLADF5VABFALSE0 Source:
Lyaisae TN-T d3-535131340.08525MLAT HROMOVLADF9VI,G4VABFALSE0 Source:
Noijo CL-Y d13932501.79889MLAT HROMOVLADF0VB,K7VAFALSE0 Source:
Noijo CL-Y d13932501.79889MLAT HROMOVLADF0VB,K7VAFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a landable moon2536.031251346.532374.71875
Schee Bli LD-A d1-923932446.84532MLAT HROMOVLADA8VBFALSE0 Source:
Scheau Bli UN-A d1-1114032427.68097MLAT HROMOVLADF3VIFALSE0 2384.65625-34032338.09375
Scheau Bli LX-A d1-368832404.5143MLAT HROMOVLADF7VB,F5VB,M4VAFALSE0 2001.59375-130.187532342.375
Scheau Bli IC-B d1-382432399.32836MLAT HROMOVLADF2VAB,F2VB,K8VAFALSE0 1902.75-78.4687532343.3125
Lasou KG-Y d509632391.99285MLAT HROMOVLADF5VABFALSE0 1767.781252.812532343.71875
Lasou KG-Y d570232386.46182MLAT HROMOVLADF6VI,K5VABFALSE0 1731.6562524.312532340.125
Lasou HL-Y d789132388.79944MLAT HROMOVLADA9VIFALSE0 1667.87570.562532345.75
Lasoae TI-T d3-483832561.96048MLAT HROMOVLADA7VIFALSE0 522173.7532557.3125
Lasoae XJ-R d4-689532658.58771MLAT HROMOVLADF7VAB,F9VIFALSE0 335.87513232656.59375
Lasoae DW-N d6-474032781.84827MLAT HROMOVLADF3VABFALSE0 188.8437559.687532781.25
Hypoe Bluae ZF-L d9-937833043.34117MLAT HROMOVLADF4VI,K8VAFALSE0 -144.40625-76.312533042.9375
Hypoe Bluae DH-J d10-15733142.01104MLAT HROMOVLADF4VAB,M0VA,K7VAFALSE0 -276.5625-160.437533140.46875
Hypoe Bluae GN-H d11-590733185.34167MLAT HROMOVLADF3VI,52VAB,K5VA,K5VABFALSE0 -344-175.6562533183.09375
Hypoe Bluae PP-D d13-3133408.19537MLAT HROMOVLADF0VBFALSE0 -601-327.0937533401.1875
Hypoe Bluae PP-D d13-804633411.92732MLAT HROMOVLADF1VBFALSE0 ELW is a moon of a planet(HMCP)-604.40625-328.62533404.84375
Hypoe Bluae PP-D d13-24433419.63015MLAT HROMOVLADF0VI,K3VABFALSE0 -622.40625-34133412.09375
Hypoe Bluae UQ-B d14-277533434.3927MLAT HROMOVLADF5VBFALSE0 -650.28125-369.0312533426.03125
Phroi Bluae DR-L d8-405034292.5539MLAT HROMOVLADF1VIFALSE0 -583.1875-654.687534281.34375
Phroi Bluae VU-E d12-76534543.59208MLAT HROMOVLADF0VZFALSE0 -238.59375-564.437534538.15625
Aemost RG-B d14-137834734.42604MLAT HROMOVLADF7VB,K9VAFALSE0 62.0625-505.812534730.6875
Hyuqo UJ-Y d1-519635015.97902MLAT HROMOVLADG6VABFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon461.3125-439.0312535010.1875
Hyuqo XU-W d2-310835046.30144MLAT HROMOVLADF0VB,G8VABFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon541.34375-412.9062535039.6875
Hyuqo YU-W d2-48135068.11736MLAT HROMOVLADG5VAB,M1VAFALSE0 580.15625-413.9062535060.875
Hyuqo CB-V d3-162935103.91043MLAT HROMOVLADF6VB,G0VAB,M7VA,L7VFALSE0 639.84375-384.8437535095.96875
Hyuqo DB-V d3-205935171.85153MLAT HROMOVLADF5VBFALSE0 714.75-359.562535162.75
Hyuqo IH-T d4-248835218.91317MLAT HROMOVLADG4VABFALSE0 759.25-35235208.96875
Hyuqo GM-T d4-251035248.67888MLAT HROMOVLADF8VI,K8VAFALSE1 796.8125-333.4687535238.09375
Hyuqo CM-X c17-635561.52129MLAT HROMOVLADG9VAB,M0VAFALSE0 1148.625-262.0937535542
Hyuqeae OV-K d9-210835655.1141MLAT HROMOVLADG7VAFALSE0 1272.96875-227.562535631.65625
Pheia Briae IF-A d676436088.35828MLAT HROMOVLADF2VBFALSE0 766.12585.062536080.125
Pheia Briae HF-A d277036108.05974MLAT HROMOVLADF1VIFALSE0 673.12583.9062536101.6875
Pheia Briae GF-A d297636130.42652MLAT HROMOVLADF5VBFALSE0 651.577.62536124.46875
Pheia Briae JG-Y d118536202.73757MLAT HROMOVLADF6VBFALSE0 393.187524.9687536200.59375
Bleethuae WL-T d4-277137769.95327MLAT HROMOVLADF7VI,F8VI,K0VA,K4VAFALSE0 3.09375-331.312537768.5
Bleethuae WL-T d4-199237787.55412MLAT HROMOVLADF3VB,F3VBFALSE0 8.84375-324.9062537786.15625
Bleethuae MK-M d8-49538133.38806MLAT HROMOVLADF3VBTRUE0 -54.125-313.312538132.0625
Bleethuae GP-D d13-121838470.36832MLAT HROMOVLADF1VBFALSE0 -31.625-287.4687538469.28125
Bleethuae GP-D d13-20638504.68882MLAT HROMOVLADA8VIFALSE1 -52.28125-281.4062538503.625
Prooe Flyi CH-C d38338636.74424MLAT HROMOVLADG3VABFALSE0 -56.71875-271.312538635.75
Prae Flyi FL-V d3-65139004.36138MLAT HROMOVLADA9VBFALSE0 -92.09375-261.6562539003.375
Prae Flyi NX-R d5-95439175.40525MLAT HROMOVLADF8VAB,K4VA,M3VAFALSE0 -102.1875-240.9062539174.53125
Prae Flyi ZP-M d8-54639370.56962MLAT HROMOVLADG1VAB.K2VAFALSE0 -88.84375-23839369.75
Prae Flyi FX-V c18-12139416.28348MLAT HROMOVLADG4VAB,M2VAFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-85.34375-21739415.59375
Prae Flyi DW-K d9-71439425.6374MLAT HROMOVLADG3VABFALSE0 -92.65625-215.87539424.9375
Prae Flyi JN-H d11-29439608.54309MLAT HROMOVLADA9VI,M0VAFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-140.46875-182.187539607.875
Prae Flyi NT-F d12-5639693.39005MLAT HROMOVLADA9VBFALSE0 -138.75-184.539692.71875
Prae Flyi RZ-D d13-81539758.81039MLAT HROMOVLADF6VBFALSE0 -141.9375-156.2539758.25
Dryiqau NR-C d34239946.55218MLAT HROMOVLADF6VB,M1VAFALSE0 -130.4375-120.9062539946.15625
Dryiqau QX-W c4-12540107.96099MLAT HROMOVLADG4VAB,M4VA,M7VAFALSE0 -143.6875-79.4062540107.625
Dryiqau GS-H d11-15440922.91989MLAT HROMOVLADF5VAB,K6VA,M0VAFALSE0 -218.53125-84.0937540922.25
Dryiqau RK-C d14-16241134.10983MLAT HROMOVLADF8VB,K3VA,K9VA,K9VAFALSE0 -243.125-62.562541133.34375
Cyoagaea NC-B d1-6841286.99719MLAT HROMOVLADF6VB,K9VAFALSE0 -239.21875-43.541286.28125
Cyoagaea RI-Z d1-18841341.18955MLAT HROMOVLADF7VABFALSE0 -247.8125-57.9062541340.40625
Pru Aub HF-R d4-241590.79729MLAT HROMOVLADF5VI,K1VAFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-280.9375-19.7541589.84375
Pru Aub UE-G c24-1042231.17465MLAT HROMOVLADK8VA,M6VAFALSE0 -525.1875-14.9687542227.90625
Hatchio BP-A d1845071.67472MLAT HROMOVLADF9VBFALSE0 -2031.4375224.4062545025.3125
Hatchio IQ-Y d845198.17335MLAT HROMOVLADF7VB,K5VAB,M2VAFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-1966.875187.2812545154.96875
Byeia Free NQ-Y d1446418.30064MLAT HROMOVLADG2VAB,K5VAFALSE0 -1559.125190.2546391.71875
Byeia Free JV-P d5-1046801.06816MLAT HROMOVLADA8VBFALSE0 -1350.84375145.187546781.34375
Swuenoi GW-T d4-6449315.47742MLAT HROMOVLADF5VBFALSE0 -161.25-122.1562549315.0625
Swuenaa IU-M d8-3449601.38641MLAT HROMOVLADF7VBFALSE0 -52.53125-130.2812549601.1875
Auphairsts JD-Z d1-3650304.35659MLAT HROMOVLADF5VBFALSE0 191.125-122.7550303.84375
Auphairsts ZE-Y c17-550933.03093MLAT HROMOVLADG2VB,K8VAFALSE0 321.84375-67.937550931.96875
Auphairsts OF-L d9-10950949.80294MLAT HROMOVLADG5VAB,K9VAFALSE0 301.71875-59.3437550948.875
Auphairsts OF-L d9-13050981.03405MLAT HROMOVLADF3VB.K7VA,K3VA,M1VAFALSE0 279.6875-70.0312550980.21875
Auphairsts EE-E d13-5151262.61179MLAT HROMOVLADA8VI,K5VATRUE1 ELW has a landable moon259.90625-89.37551261.875
Praea Bre EV-P d5-3351995.60917MLAT HROMOVLADF2VBFALSE0 -1762.28125166.7187551965.46875
Bleae Free QH-M d7-1245816.86231MLAT HROMOVLADF5VB,K6VA,L4VFALSE0 -2773.96875168.562545732.5
Phipoea BK-I d9-163427907.23916MLAT HROMOVLADF5VIFALSE0 -271.781252327905.90625

This new formating is terrible.
System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
Syralia QS-U d2-79C 15814.25FalconFlyF5 VB, K1 VA, K6 VANo0
Preae Aec OM-W c1-3268440.37FalconFlyG6 VABNo0
Preae Aihm QW-V c2-5311047.21FalconFlyG6 VABNo0
Byoi Aip HN-S d4-376A 416483.00FalconFlyNeutron Star, M9 VI, L6 VNo0
Byoi Aip HN-S d4-376A 516483.00FalconFlyNeutron Star, M9 VI, L6 VNo0
Byoi Aip HH-C d13-432317414.49FalconFlyF0 VI, Y4 VYes1
Eorl Aod EZ-A d430D 317641.52FalconFlyA7 VAB, A7 VI, M1 VA, G4 VABNo0

Byoi Aip HH-C d13-432 3 A Moon Data :
Here's another small batch.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLComment
Prooe Flyi DH-C d604A 338623.21foobaron76foobaron76F5 VB, F6 VBno0
Prooe Flyi LT-Y d1-763A 738838.17foobaron76foobaron76F9 VB, M0 VAno0
Striechoo FA-R c7-0647896.55foobaron76foobaron76K1 VABno0
Smootoae QY-S d3-129451774.11NAAZGHULfoobaron76K3 VA, K4 VAno1 has landable moon
Syneayoi XY-S d3-3760763.26ARNULfoobaron76A8 VBno0
Syre Thua EA-A d4BC 762942.43HANEKURA SHIZUKAfoobaron76A7 VI, M2 VA, L8 V, M0 VAno0
Synuefue LK-B c15-022270.56foobaron76foobaron76K0 VAno0
System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
Dumbae WE-Z c1444222058.63244Lord Of Soft 97K6 VaFALSE0 Source:
Hypoe Flyi SC-E c14-4349122621.26609Lord Of Soft 97K6 VaFALSE0 Source:
Juenae BC-B c1-4451A 125886.98104Lord Of Soft 97K5 Va, M8 VaFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon10.84375-682.937525877.96875
Phroi Bluae KX-K d8-672834240.40796M3rlinLord Of Soft 97G6 VabFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-680.125-963.4062534220.09375
Flyua Prao KI-Q d6-84C 840537.13196Lord Of Soft 97Neutron Star, M0 Va, M4 Va FALSE0 Source:

There is a ELW star system which has three Neutron Stars. How should a format it?
3 Neutron Stars, (3) Neutron Star, or 3xNeutron Star?
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There is a ELW star system which has three Neutron Stars. How should a format it?
The same way it's on the galaxy map. That would be "Neutron Star, Neutron Star, Neutron Star" then.
And I have to say, that probably looks pretty good. Looking at the EDSM data you've uploaded, the first two neutron stars are orbiting each other closely, so that's quite a sight in itself.
The same way it's on the galaxy map. That would be "Neutron Star, Neutron Star, Neutron Star" then.
And I have to say, that probably looks pretty good. Looking at the EDSM data you've uploaded, the first two neutron stars are orbiting each other closely, so that's quite a sight in itself.
Thanks for the reply! Here is the formated version.
System name​
Planet ID​
Dist. from Sol (ly)​
First discovered by​
Contributed by​
System star(s) type​
Ringed EL?​
Screenshot URL​
Dryeau Broae DL-P e5-23​
E 4​
Montague Druitt​
Lord Of Soft 97​
Neutron Star, Neutron Star, Neutron Star, K4 Va, K6 Va​
some new ELWs from the last 2 months. i had a good average with the "athairk aa-a h" systems, 10 out of 719 systems with an ELW inside.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
Athairk AA-A h204 d22,311.50 lyILENYAReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h136AB 422,742.54 lyReggieNobleblack hole, black hole, black holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h3192 f23,232.09 lyReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h439A 2 f22,287.61 lyILENYAReggieNobleblack hole, black holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h490A 4 c23,061.75 lyReggieNobleblack hole, black holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h4884 i22,378.87 lyILENYAReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h6043 g22,990.05 lyReggieNobleblack holeno1 Source:
Athairk AA-A h6731 e23,017.26 lyReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h647AB 2 i22,967.24 lyLeatherpredatorReggieNobleblack hole, black holeno0 Source:
Athairk AA-A h6341 d22,223.91 lyILENYAReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Phrio Flyai AA-A h1264 f24,027.53 lyReggieNobleblack holeno0 Source:
Huemu AA-A h253AB 6 d26,943.16 lyReggieNobleblack hole, black holeno1 Source:
Byoomu AA-A h2162 j25,035.06 lyReggieNobleblack holeno1 Source:
Byoomu AA-A h153A 3 e25,996.28 lyReggieNobleblack hole, neutronstarno0 Source:
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System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
NGC 5281 Sector DH-L d8-1063649.53ConcentusFalconFlyF4 VINo0
NGC 5281 Sector DH-L d8-1073649.53ConcentusFalconFlyF4 VINo1
Blo Thae UM-L c8-0A 56302.06FalconFlyK1 VAB, M6 VANo0

NGC 5281 Sector DH-L d8-10 7 a Moon Data :
Here are some more ELW's I've found over the last few month.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged ELWMoonsScreenshot URL
Aucopp ZU-O d6-1212,878SteylaSteylaG9 VAB, K9 VA, M2
Drojo UF-N d7-955,129SteylaSteylaF8
Gru Dryiae UV-L d8-24B 57,891SteylaSteylaF7 VB, M4
Pyramio OF-E d12-4A 56,436SteylaSteylaF5 VB, K8 VA, L1 V, L5
Pyramoe ZQ-U d3-41B 65,836SteylaSteylaF5 VI, K8 VA, M0
Byeia Eurk RT-Y d1-0C 95,995SteylaSteylaK7 IIAB, K4 VA, F6
Byeia Eurk BA-Y d1-1645,854SteylaSteylaF7
Byeia Eurk EK-X c2-325,781SteylaSteylaG4
Ogaicy FL-P d5-3494B 621,651SteylaSteylaA4 VI, K0
Eoch Pri FT-F d12-5362621,299SteylaSteylaF2
Eord Pri PZ-O e6-1652BC 121,199SteylaSteylaB0 VZ, F0 VZ, TTS2
Kyloabs BW-C d6948C 621,303SteylaSteylaG9 VA, M3 VA, K3
Dryi Aub EK-A d7844421,256SteylaSteylaFi
Aunair JM-W d1-1733220,998SteylaSteylaF9
Aunair JM-W d1-1733320,998SteylaSteylaF9
Dumbae EH-T d4-2951722,473SteylaSteylaF2
Dumbae XA-M d8-9522322,741SteylaSteylaA9
Myriesly CU-R d4-4563A 124,947SteylaSteylaF8 VB, M4
Dryuae Bru YI-T d3-896A 6 A31,448SteylaSteylaA6 VI,G2 VAB, K9
Dryuae Bru KC-K d9-173A 431,898SteylaSteylaG8 VAB, M0 VA, L8
Lasoae WK-E d12-39721033,280SteylaSteylaF5 VB, K2
Aishaish GW-W d1-1094833,680SteylaSteylaF7
Phua Chrea ZU-G d10-2222A 234,412SteylaSteylaA9 VB, K8 VA, M6
Prooe Flyi WA-V d3-450A 438,969SteylaSteylaG4 VAB, M2
Flyooe Pri LF-L d9-10ABC 340,733SteylaSteylaA9 VB, K8 VA, M0 VA, Y5
Prooe Pruae EY-F d12-76642,266SteylaSteylaF1
Bleia Flyuae TA-U d4-226B 643,018SteylaSteylaF6 VB, G9
Plaa Chraei BQ-G d10-3448,506SteylaSteylaA5
Ploi Briae ML-Y c10A 350,193SteylaSteylaG5 VAB,M2
Smootiae JF-R d4-15A 151,840SteylaSteylaF6 VB, K9
Drootia KE-E d13-18B 252,572SteylaSteylaA9 VB, G1
Drootia KE-E d13-119352,574SteylaSteylaF6
Drootia KE-E d13-46352,626SteylaSteylaF8
Thuecheae WL-J d10-701253,628SteylaSteylaA7
Syrivoo QO-Z d13-3AB 255,220SteylaSteylaF6 VAB, G2 VAB, K2 VA, M6
Syriveia PD-T d3-33BCD 454,663SteylaSteylaF6 VB, M0 VA, M1 VA,M7
Syriveia GR-W d1-81454,590SteylaSteylaF2
Synietchoea MF-L d9-9449,228SteylaSteylaF2
Phoi Chrea OT-R d4-105334,525SteylaSteylaG1
Eord Gree IZ-M d8-739231,306SteylaSteylaF6
Dryio Blou VY-Y d1-2133D 429,650SteylaSteylaA5 VI, A9 VB, K1 VA, K7
Agnaiz LP-E d12-3503524,700SteylaSteylaF2
Agnairt AJ-B d4580422,730SteylaSteylaF6
Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-2553AB 821,977SteylaSteylaF5 VB, K6 VA, M3
Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-2547C 621,954SteylaSteylaA7 VI, K1 VA, F9
Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-2603D121,985SteylaSteylaF7 VB, K4 VA, K3 VA, M8
Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-2573421,987SteylaSteylaF1
Ooscs Freau ZY-S d3-2672A 421,924SteylaSteylaF5 VB, L3 V, T2 V, M1

Fly/land safe

CMDR Steyla


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