List of Earth-like worlds, v2

Late add-from my last trip... I found it untagged but then realized EDMC showed the System with a green dot.
Upon closer inspection, I found out another EDSM user had already scanned the System very recently, hence I held off selling my Data (no tag-stealing) .

Seems a 3rd Explorer has passed it and returned in the meantime, as the ELW was found tagged today.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
IC 2944 Sector ND-R d5-325726.31Meta-7FalconFlyA7 VINo1

Moon Data :
System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
Eol Prou TI-T e3-547922191.7754585331KLEPTOB9 VIFALSE0
Kyloall WJ-W c16-149122892.2037984977KLEPTOK3 VAFALSE0 Source:
Kyloall KH-L d8-1453422907.5775214314KLEPTOF4 VB, Y5 V, Y4 VTRUE1 Source: has a landable moon-8022.78125-815.4062521441.25
Kyloall DL-D c13-335522809.1824384982KLEPTOK7 VAFALSE0 Source:
Kyloall KR-V d2-4686B 622625.4349096235KLEPTOF8 VAB, K4 VAFALSE0 Source:
Kyloall KR-V d2-4222582.3229065883KLEPTOA5 VIFALSE0 Source:
Kyloall JR-V d2-2182C 422578.0011957895KLEPTOF4 VB, M2 VA, K2 VABFALSE0 Source:
Kyloall FL-X d1-435B 222564.908399182KLEPTOF1 VB, K5 VABFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-8405.4375-838.687520924.15625
Kyloall AF-Z d1076A 422512.3368448462KLEPTOF8 VAB, M9 VIFALSE0 Source:

Kyloall KH-L d8-1453 additional screenshots:

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On the previous page of the topic there are examples of systems that are not fully scanned. I think it is very important to scan the system completely if there is an ELWs and we are engaged in compiling this list.
A few ELW's to the submission sheet. Have quite a few from DW2 tour and from previous explorations. I haven't submitted for a while so will put on batches when possible.

Noticed last week on another Forum post there was an ELW orbiting a solo T star. As I had just returned from DW2 and was only 1800lyrs away had to investigate this. Noticed it had not been submitted to the list. Now it has :)
Thanks for that! Didn't think it was possible.
Where did you find that forum post, by the way?

In that case, only the following are missing:
  • ELW directly orbiting a class O star (incl. a solo primary)
  • ELW in a class Y main star system
  • ELW directly orbiting a Wolf-Rayet star (incl. a solo primary)
  • ELW orbiting a sole primary white dwarf
I'm fairly certain these are all impossible, except perhaps the last one - but hey, I'd very much like it if the Forge proved me wrong.
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We need a supercomputer with Stellar Forge installed. Or need to explore a lot and wait)

It would be interesting to know when it was found.
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CMDR Prowler goes Colonia.
Well, she finally arrived after a two months trip via the Formidine Rift, and kept accurate track of all ELWs on her way.
No less than 28, and the last five she discovered on the very last day, on the last <1000ly to Colonia.
Added also a couple of links to scenic shots in the notes; yeah, her ship, the AspX Jolly Jumper, is a bit of a diva and had to be on each of them...

There are a few that had already been discovered by somebody else and thus might already be registered in the list - I haven't checked.

Alas, it includes one "steal": Eorgh Prou XY-I d9-1293 ABC 8 had been registered on EDSM by CMDR esb, but he had not yet sold his data. I noticed it only after I FSS scanned everything already. Once I noticed that the system was not yet tagged, I did not map anything. But as I had >2500 systems to sell, I sold them per page and thus the system is now tagged by me - if he did, he will at least get the map tag - sorry...
It's an interesting one as well, orbiting 3 stars of which one is a M giant 6kls away - no scenic shot as I didn't go there to map it.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotes
Wredguia EA-Z d5A 5
AgonisateurProwlerA7 VI, K9 VA
Myeadue GW-E d11-363
ProwlerProwlerF0 VI
1​ moon
Eafots PG-F c11-4A 5
NidProwlerK6 VA, K6 VA, K5 VAB
Scheau Phoe FC-C d25
ProwlerProwlerA5 VI
Hypua Hypoo HI-Z d1-104
MaakProwlerF6 VB
Syroifoe CA-X d2-15D 3
ProwlerProwlerF1 VI, G9 VA, A7 VB K4 VA
landable moon
Syroidee UN-A d1-96
ProwlerProwlerF0 VB
1​ moon
Slegua WF-N d7-07
ProwlerProwlerA5 VI
binary with tWW
Dryoodea OM-W d1-123
ProwlerProwlerF9 VB
0​ with tWW
Flyue Drya DH-S d5-0A 5
ProwlerProwlerF4 VB, K6 VA, M2 VA
binary with tHMC
Flyue Drya CH-S d5-3A 6
ProwlerProwlerF0 VI, K9 VA
0​ with nHMC
Synueduia ND-Q d6-0A 2
ProwlerProwlerG9 VA, M8 VA
binary with tHMC
Pyralao VL-K d9-5B 7
ProwlerProwlerF1 VB, G4 VAB
0​ with nWW
Plae Phlue IY-I d9-30C 5
ProwlerProwlerF0 VI, K2 VA, G1 VAB
binary with tHMC
Graei Dryoo CQ-O d6-0A 2
ProwlerProwlerG8 VAB, M3 VA
1​ moon
Flyai Phroo JY-G d11-17A 7
ProwlerProwlerA8 VB, K9 VA
landable moon
Kyloagh OI-Q d6-1764BC 4
ProwlerProwlerA8 VI, K6 VA, M1 VA, M6 VA
0​ (just by my screenshot, I guess?!)
Blue Hypeia ZA-U d4-39A 8
ProwlerProwlerF8 VB, M4 VA
1​ Age
landable moon
Dryua Prou LH-T d4-113
ProwlerProwlerF8 VB
binary with tWW
Dryua Prou DB-V d3-10A 8
ProwlerProwlerA9 VB, K3 VA, M0 VA
Eowyg Fraae PT-Q d5-140B 5
ProwlerProwlerF4 VB, K0 VAB, M4 VA
Kyloasly ZG-T d4-711A 5
ProwlerProwlerA8 VI, K2 VA
1​ Age
Kyloasly AH-T d4-13014
ProwlerProwlerA8 VB
binary with ringed class 2 GG
Eorgh Prou XY-I d9-1293ABC 8
esbProwlerM4 IIIB, M4 VA, M9 VI
0​ giant as main star
Eol Prou FH-M d7-478BC 1
ProwlerProwlerF2 VB, F6 VB, M7 VA
binary with tHMC
Eol Prou FH-M d7-1561
ProwlerProwlerF8 VAB
Eol Prou BB-O d6-524C 8
ProwlerProwlerF0 VB, G9 VAB, F9 VB
Eol Prou TT-R d4-4055 a
ProwlerProwlerA6 VI
0​ moon
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Returned from Beagle Point to Explorer's Anchorage.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLComment
Slaiyooe QD-S c4-1A 458064.81HORNEDREAPER333foobaron76G1 VB, M5 VA, K4 VAno0
Blo Bre HH-D d12-33356796.95foobaron76foobaron76A9 VIno0 7 is AW
Nyauthai AN-Q d6-67C 356366.11foobaron76foobaron76F6 VAB, M1 VA, K5 VAno0
Byoi Chraei DV-P d5-32655112.56foobaron76foobaron76F5 VABno1
Blau Chraei AM-D d12-53754492.02foobaron76foobaron76F0 VBno0
Blau Chraei AM-D d12-9B 354470.90foobaron76foobaron76F0 VI, G0 VABno0
Blau Chraei IN-K d8-33154189.66foobaron76foobaron76F3 VABno0
Plooe Brai OD-K d8-47651820.11foobaron76foobaron76A4 VIno0 ELW
Plooe Brai OD-K d8-47751820.11foobaron76foobaron76A4 VIno0 ELW
Bya Freau YW-V c2-1A 147372.27foobaron76foobaron76G7 VAB, K4 VA, M3 VAno0
Bya Aob HB-O d6-57545350.38foobaron76foobaron76A8 VABno0
Plae Aob AO-E c26-17140040.62foobaron76foobaron76G9 VABno0
Sphuquia RX-K c8-2AB 137237.26foobaron76foobaron76G9 VA, M8 VA, M1 VA, M8 VAno0
Sphuquia VD-T d3-123A 837213.54foobaron76foobaron76A8 VB, G5 VABno0
Sphuquia RX-U d2-26337116.61foobaron76foobaron76A8 VBno1 has landable moon
Hypoae Chrea WF-D d13-736333679.79foobaron76foobaron76F3 VI, Y5 Vyes1 has landable moon
Hypou Chraei WR-I d10-1206233378.43foobaron76foobaron76F4 VBno0
Noijou TD-T d3-987432772.21foobaron76foobaron76A8 VIno0
Phipoea LE-F d12-5328528164.86foobaron76foobaron76A8 VBno0 ELW
Phipoea LE-F d12-5328628164.86foobaron76foobaron76A8 VBno0 ELW
Phipoea MH-U d3-9204B 827449.58foobaron76foobaron76F1 VI, F8 VABno0
Phua Aub SS-K d8-457A 526585.64foobaron76foobaron76F5 VB, G9 VAB, M9 VIno0
Phua Aub LQ-P d5-2415326328.58foobaron76foobaron76F3 VBno0
It would be interesting to know when it was found.
I was wondering that. EDSM says it was uploaded by Mighty-si but not dated when. Good job it was uploaded to EDSM at some point or we would still have no idea a T Star could home an ELW. I thought it was impossible as T stars seem not to have secondary stars in the system to generate more heat so perhaps there could be a chance of one orbiting a Y star-that would be something to find!

Attached a couple of pics- not brilliant as there is very little light showing from the Star (even as close as 6.5ls the ELW is dim)

And the system map-
38 new submissions in the public spreadsheet. Nicest one this time would be the ELW orbiting a white dwarf. The main star is a black hole and there are no other stars present. There is almost no difference in light level between the night side and the day side of the planet. Remember to bring your night vision goggles if you want to visit :p.
All updated again. Despite this "month" being shorter (due to my delayed update earlier), it's 258 ELWs this time around. Thanks again to those Commanders who submit in a format that I don't have to work much on, especially on the submissions sheet!

Also, I'll be on holiday from June 16 to July 4, so the next update will be after then.
OK, finally in port in Colonia after my first ED7K sector survey. 30 ELWs to report, five of which were first discovered by other CMDRs. A nice symmetrical report: 8 ELWs on the way from the Bubble out to the Thraikoo Sector, 14 in Thraikoo during the survey, and 8 more on the way back to Colonia.

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
Scorpius Dark Region FG-Y d1165498.8002226MALTZSAPYXF1 VBFALSE0 Source:
Col 285 Sector RE-Q d5-1004262.2410423NYAOSAPYXF4 VBFALSE0 Source:
Col 359 Sector CF-Z d37C 1396.6970233YEWDALESAPYXF6 VB, M3 VA, M7 VAFALSE0 Source:
Sifi EZ-S d3-68A 51599.629185FIGHTIN'WELSHSAPYXG0 V, M2 VAFALSE0 Source:
Blau Thua OD-K d8-1246534.94012SAPYXG1 VABFALSE0 Source:
Blo Thaa FN-B d13-37A 57948.731913TAZBERTSAPYXA7 VI, K7 VAFALSE0 Source:
Byoi Thaa RS-U d2-20A 59093.929542SAPYXA8 VB, K0 VAFALSE0 Source:
Blia Euhn GH-D d12-24215598.65284SAPYXF8 VABFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo BA-A d240520293.43384SAPYXA8 VIFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-19174.40625-20.968756645.6875
Thraikoo QE-H d10-53320372.49457SAPYXA9 VBFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-18930.03125290.218757523.84375
Thraikoo GU-A d71719268.46707SAPYXA6 VABFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo HN-A d14-37A 620126.79753SAPYXA8 VI, M2 VAFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo NX-U d2-91A 720175.19871SAPYXA7 VB, K1 VAFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo EW-E d11-76A 120106.94911SAPYXF4 VB, K5 VA, M6 VAFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo YU-P d5-69A 620196.11645SAPYXF7 VB, M2 VAFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo LQ-X d1-1419293.00729SAPYXF8 VABFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo LC-T d4-16419654.72294SAPYXF5 VBFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo CA-A d397420157.97842SAPYXF0 VBFALSE0 Source:
Thraikoo NC-V d2-63A 620065.67454SAPYXG3 VAB, M6 VA, M2 VAFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-18839.875176.718756903.5625
Thraikoo BR-M c7-21220358.53832SAPYXG9 VABFALSE1 Source: has a landable moon-19126.1875148.06256974.03125
Thraikoo NR-B c1-0B 619675.34172SAPYXK4 VA, M2 VA, L7 VFALSE0 -18502.21875699.43756655.65625
Thraikoo IE-X c15-21B 620448.13794SAPYXK1 VAB, M2 VAFALSE0 -19099.75247.8757298.25
Pria Phlai LG-O d6-7B 719920.66133SAPYXF1 VB, K6 VAFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-18017.1875259.343758493.90625
Prie Ail WY-S d3-21520525.65304SAPYXF1 VBFALSE1 ELW has a landable moon-17442.62520.4687510819.28125
Greou Hypooe HI-Q d6-31622082.98363SAPYXF1 VBFALSE0 -17389.25-140.12513610.75
Floalk SQ-K d9-7422398.68747SAPYXA7 VABFALSE0 -16492.375-323.2812515152.5
Eorgh Flyoae UE-Y d1-20A 4 a21925.5216SAPYXA9 VI, M7 VAFALSE0 ELW is a moon of a terraformable planet(HMCP)-13760.125-572.5937517060.46875
Eephaik GY-H d10-60B 621854.73764SAPYXA8 VI, G6 VABFALSE0 -12658-669.1562517803.28125
Mylaifaa QT-H d10-224121889.51965SAPYXF5 VBFALSE0 -10713.15625-806.2812519071.6875
Mylaifaa JH-C d13-1146B 321926.63581SAPYXF5 VB, K6 VAFALSE0 -10352.71875-834.2187519310.6875

So, what have I got in this haul? Well, there's one more ELW moon - bringing my total of ELMs to 4. There were zero ringed ELWs, bringing my total number of ringed ELWs found to... well, still zero. The winner of the "Earth-like that's most like Earth" award goes to two planets at opposite ends of the list: Col 285 Sector and Mylaifaa JH-C, which both come up as nice matches for Earth's mass, gravity, volcanism and axial tilt.

Because there's so many of them, I won't do my usual paragraph on each. Just a quick one-or-two-sentence summary. I have also classified each of them by their ELW "Group", as per the gravity-pressure plot: Group 1 are small and moderate, Group 2 are medium and thick, Group 3 are large and thin.

Scorpius Dark Region - I found this one prior to the Survey proper, while on a shakedown cruise to decide if I liked the Supercruise Assist enough to keep it. Good Earth-analogue, if a bit chilly. Group 2.

Col 285 - the Earth-likeness is marred by also being a thick-atmosphered Group 2. Cool.

Col 359 - A small Group 1 jungle planet, not far from the Sadr Sector outpost. A fully explored system - I didn't get to plant a Tag here.

Sifi - Another Group 1 jungle planet, slightly warmer than the last one. My first Mapped ELW tag of the trip.

Blau Thua - My first undiscovered ELW of the trip, a temperate Group 3 world twice the mass of Earth.

Blo Thaa - another Group 3 world; the only truly Earth-like thing about the place is the surface temperature.

Byoi Thaa - out into "clear space" with few Tags, heading for my destination in the Perseus Crags. This world is another Group 1 jungle; it's "moon" is actually a terraformable waterworld in binary orbit; tidal locking gives this world a "day" that's two weeks long.

Blia Euhn - Group 1 tundra planet, with virtually no ocean present.

Thraikoo Sector Survey Discoveries:
BA-A - the moon and the day length are the only reminders of the homeworld on this fetid, high-gravity swamp world Group 3.
QE-H - this Group 1 tundra world rotates so fast its day is only 12 hours long.
GU-A - the mythical planet Hoth is only slightly less hospitable than this utterly un-Earth-like ELW. Group 3.
HN-A - Group 1 tundra world, rather pleasant to live on, actually.
NX-U - This Group 2 world would be a paradise, if the air weren't so chokingly thick; at over 4 atmospheres, it's near the limit of Human tolerance without genetic or technological modification.
EW-E - a temperate Group 1 world, not too bad.
YU-P - I'll have to say "nope" to YU-P, another unpleasant Group 3 world.
LQ-X - It's another Group 2, meaning thick air covering an otherwise pleasant environment.
LC-T - All the parameters of this Group 1 world are just slightly "wrong" for Earth-natives; it will take some getting used to. The seas on this world are small and separated by wide stretches of barren land.
CA-A - another hot little Group 1 jungle world. At 307 K, it's extra hot.
NC-V - Another weird little Group 1 temperate world. At least the moon is in the right place.
BR-M - Being in position 2 around this G9 class star isn't quite warm enough; this Group 3 world is an iceball. Having a 90 degree axial tilt won't help with the unpleasantness.
NR-B - The most habitable planet in this complex and generally hostile system, the ELW is quite far from the arrival point, and a disappointing desert planet with a two-month-long "day" when you arrive.
IE-X - I'm going to call this planet "Gloom" - this Mars-sized world is simply too far away from its two dim yellow-red suns to get much light, or heat.

I also visited planet HHV d2-7 in the survey, which was the only world in the Thraikoo Sector in the ELW List before I arrived. Since it was a "known" ELW that I was previously aware of and that I deliberately targeted, I didn't include the system or the planet in the Survey results.

Pria Phlai - Temperate Group 3. OK, if you don't mind the extra gravity.

Prie Ail - Group 1 tundra world, with an average temperature at the freezing point of water.

Greou Hypooe - Group 3 jungle planet. The only thing interesting about this world is the slightly elliptical but near-90-degree orbit the planet takes around its star.

Floalk - this large sub-freezing Group 3 planet spins so fast, if we colonize the equator, the centripetal force ought to cancel out the high gravity, making it rather pleasant there.

Eorgh Flyoae - Life on this dismal, dry little Group 1 moon wouldn't be very pleasant; fortunately, the planet it orbits is terraformable.

Eephaik - Quite a tropical paradise, here on this humid Group 1 planet.

Mylaifaa QT-H - another frigid ice world, barely qualifying for the habitable rating. Group 1.

Mylaifaa JH-C - If it weren't a stifling hot desert planet with a super-thick atmosphere, this place would be really nice. Group 2.
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Here are my (and some other) contributions from Distant Worlds II. Have a nice holiday, marx!

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotes
Myriesly KX-B c6196BC 124,602JAN EPPENDORFK1 VA, K4 VAB, M1 VA, M6 VA, T2 VFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a landable moon
Kyluae Pri UO-X d2-37226,228JAN EPPENDORFK0 VABFALSE0 Source:
Eos Chrea HM-L d8-2671A 727,858JAN EPPENDORFF1 VB, K7 VAFALSE0 Source:
Phroi Bluae OH-L c24-505534,570JAN EPPENDORFK9 VAFALSE0 Source:
Flyua Flyao KD-A d1-418B 837,461JAN EPPENDORFA9 VB, M4 VAFALSE0 Source:
Graea Flyi WE-P d6-2644,323JAN EPPENDORFA6 VBFALSE0 Source:
Auphaibs FW-P c8-19A 250,513JAN EPPENDORFK0 VA, K9 VA, L4 VFALSE1 Source:
Smootoae MS-U d2-69B 151,719FIZZEEJAN EPPENDORFF3 VB, K5 VAFALSE0 Source:
Thuecheae XH-H d11-64AB 153,747JAN EPPENDORFF4 VB, G6 VAFALSE0 Source:
Pyra Dryiae MI-B c16-0162,339SHIBSJAN EPPENDORFK1 VABFALSE0 Source:
Blaa Ploe UI-R c21-3143,615JAN EPPENDORFK0 VAFALSE0 Source:
Iwhaism IY-C c15-32B 333,684JAN EPPENDORFK2 VA, K1 VABFALSE0 Source:
Braisua OO-F d12-516B 732,894JAN EPPENDORFNEUTRON STAR, M3 VAFALSE0 Source:
Hypio Prao VF-J c11-96A 126,422JAN EPPENDORFK7 VA, T0 VFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a terraformable moon
Wepi PE-F d12-485C 325,773JAN EPPENDORFNEUTRON STAR, L0 V, M8 VAFALSE0 Source:
Preia Hypai QB-I b2-628,511JAN EPPENDORFM2 VAFALSE0 Source:
System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
Bug Sector DL-Y d13A 33333.04TassierFalconFlyF5 VAB, M5 VANo0
Dryi Aoc PR-N d6-1200119050.27Renegade1216FalconFlyNeutron StarNo0
Dryi Aoc CH-C d13-5536BCD 519562.99KushaFalconFlyF1 VAB, M0 VA, M2 VA, L6 VNo0
Dryoea Flyao RU-D d13-2379B 219628.00FalconFlyA7 VI, K2 VANo1
Dryio Prao YV-B d14-4583B 522074.93FalconFlyNeutron Star, M4 VANo0
Cleeque VY-A d100B 924952.26FalconFlyF2 VB, K0 VABNo0
Cleeque XO-Y c1-517424987.72FalconFlyK0 VABNo0
Cleeque ZE-Z d9407AB 424989.13FalconFlyA7 VB, K2 VAB, K7 VA, M1 VANo0
Eoch Blao EM-L d8-3050528239.92FalconFlyA9 VBNo0

Dryoea Flyao RU-D d13-2379 B 2 a Moon Data :
Turns out that a couple of the planets in the ELW database may actually be much rarer than their discoverers may have noticed - they've turned up in Orvidius' EDSM data-mining expedition to find Trojan ELWs. The system maps posted in the ELW database look promising, but if the commanders who found them are able to take time out to post a pic of the orrery maps of the systems in question, to confirm that these worlds are in fact Trojans, then Marx may well reward you with a super-rare ELW category just for you. ;)

@Cmdr Agatosh, your planet in the Eok Flyuae RJ-O d7-2577 system is a candidate.

@Steyla, your planet in the Flyooe Bli QF-C d14-124 system is a candidate.

@Jan Eppendorf, your planet in the Syralie SK-C d14-2 system is a candidate.

Commander Wabash, if you're watching this thread and/or still playing ED, your world in the Pipe (stem) Sector ZE-A d101 system is also a candidate. Unfortunately, the picture for that planet in the database has a dead link, so if Cmdr Wabash is now retired, we'll need someone to fly over there to check it out. Fortunately, it's not far from the bubble (unlike Steyla's planet, which is way over on the far side of the galaxy from pretty much everybody).
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