List of Earth-like worlds, v2

OK, another small list from me. First the list, then some tourism notes in a follow-up post (bcause I always make typos when I do tourism notes, and editing the post to correct the typos destroys the table formatting).

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
BLAE DRYE KO-F d12-39B 75415.782583SAPYXF2 VB, F9 VABFALSE0
BLEIA EOHN ZF-L d9-5122299.397193HOGWEEDSAPYXG1 VAB, Y2 VTRUE2 is a Trojan with 2 landable moons-82.90625-952295.9375
Nyeajeau AA-Z d17 : I had this planet down as a waypoint as my initial analysis of EDSM data showed this world might be a good Earth-matching candidate. Alas, only four parameters match, so it's not that great, though by far the least unpleasant planet out of this group of five. Group 2, just a bit cooler than Earth. No moon, though. Note that the discoverer's name here is "Phoneix", as in "phone 9", not "Phoenix".

Blae Drye KO-F d12-39 : I was in the Blae Drye area investigating my potential UY Scuti sacrificial candidate system, and I'm glad I made the detour as I found two Untagged ELWs nearby. This one is an inhospitable, cold, damp Group 3 world in orbit around a secondary star 450,000 Ls away from the arrival point.Not a good place for a colony.

Blae Drye RO-O d7-51 : The second one in the sector is inhospitable, but at the other end of the scales: a small, hot Group 1 desert planet.

M20 Sector WZ-P c5-16 : It's perhaps not surprising that the M20 Sector is quite thoroughly explored, even though it's not a "spectacular nebula" sector. Cmdr Featherlight beat me to this one. At 318 K, this humid Group 3 jungle planet almost doesn't qualify as "Earth-like".

Bleia Eohn ZF-L d9-51 : This planet was another targetted waypoint: yep, it's another Trojan ELW from Orvidius' list. And it continues the pattern seen earlier in having lots of junk in orbit: in this case, rings and two potato-moons. It also continues the pattern from the previous ELW Trojan in having a very short day (12 hours). The planet itself is a cool, damp Group 3 member.

I'm now at that new outpost in Guardian space, on my way "past" the Bubble to check out that "terraformable ELW" anomaly. I'm suspecting it's an error in EDSM, as Orvidius' post has been up for over a month and there's still no report about a "terrafomable ELW" in the Codex for that region.
Here comes this month's update... well, half-month's, so only 71 ELWs.
Congrats to Agatosh for taking the #3 spot on total counts!
Also, we have a new rarity score record, VW Joker's Hypiae Aoc TS-U d2-2874, what with it being a ringed trojan ELW with four landable moons. However, I don't think it'll stay at the top once more trojans are added.
Few from my travel between Sag A and Colonia

System nameDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?MoonsScreenshot URLNotesXYZ
Byoomao TU-D d13-269525735.08585MLAT HROMOVLADF5VB,K5VAFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao TU-D d13-343325725.81653MLAT HROMOVLADF2VI,K4VAFALSE1 Source:
ELW has a terraformable moon-138.9375-263.312525724.09375
Byoomao UP-D d13-661925701.32095MLAT HROMOVLADF0VIFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao UP-D d13-266725667.68345MLAT HROMOVLADF5VB,M6VAFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao WK-D d13-862525662.63986MLAT HROMOVLADF1VITRUE0 Source:
Byoomao RE-F d12-566725636.41188MLAT HROMOVLADF6VB,K6VAFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao TZ-E d12-185825583.02336MLAT HROMOVLADF9VB,M1VAFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao PY-H d10-330025454.09359MLAT HROMOVLADF0VIFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao LS-J d9-437225411.52664MLAT HROMOVLADF3VBFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao RY-R d4-1074424983.97797MLAT HROMOVLADF4VB,F6VBFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao NS-T d3-359524941.3415MLAT HROMOVLADF1VI,K4VA,K5VABFALSE0 Source:
Byoomao DQ-Y d2724714.22895MLAT HROMOVLADS4IIIB,K5VA,M6VAFALSE0 Source:
Wepue CN-B d13-235024504.6815MLAT HROMOVLADNeutronFALSE0 Source:
Phraa Flyuae IW-E d11-294724318.21927MLAT HROMOVLADNeutronFALSE0 Source:
Phraa Flyuae TY-S e3-808524056.18674MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,K6VAFALSE0 Source:
Myumbe PO-O d7-101323071.08925MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,L2V,M1VA,L5V,L2VFALSE0 Source:
Myumbe PO-O d7-52823069.1949MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,M2VAFALSE0 Source:
Myumbe MT-O d7-287423083.79605MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,K9VAFALSE0 Source:
Myumbe HN-Q d6-380623014.28227MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,M7VA,M8VAFALSE1 Source:
Myumbe DH-S d5-261322991.68594MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,M0VAFALSE0 Source:
Myumbe XU-X e1-702922899.62162MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,K9VA,M0VA,M5VAFALSE0 -4637.0625-1401.062522381.40625
Myumbe TP-V d3-317122898.63325MLAT HROMOVLADNeutronFALSE0 -4723.78125-1420.9062522361
Myumbe HD-Z d1-299722756.32625MLAT HROMOVLADS3IIIBFALSE0 -5052.75-1419.8437522142.8125
Myumbe DX-A d1-143522741.51031MLAT HROMOVLADNeutronFALSE0 -5073.46875-1427.62522122.34375
Schieno FH-S d5-214022346.02068MLAT HROMOVLADNeutron,M9VIFALSE0 -6843.96875-1361.687521228.53125
Two more for the list (backtracking from the Seagull Nebula and Thor's Helmet, and returning home via the Outer Orion Spur.
System nameNo. of ELsDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed byOrbiting star(s) typeSolitary star?Proc. gen. system?Ringed EL?MoonsScreenshot URL
LINGANDF4 VByesyesnono Source:
LINGANDK3 VAnoyesnono Source:
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