List of Earth-like worlds, v3

I am looking to understand how this list is used. Being an explorer I have come across many ELW's but I have not contributed to this list so far. What purpose does this list serve and how is it used? Would all the data not already be present, eg on EDSM?
Hi there! It doesn't serve much of a purpose now, I just keep it open in case somebody still wants their own entries added now. EDSM and then EDDN superseded this, especially once the game logged everything related to the bodies. Keep in mind though that this list is from before EDSM, before the game would log stuff into the journals. So it's really just a piece of history that's still open, because hey, why not.
And because we love it so much I have a present for you....

System namePlanet IDDist. from Sol (ly)First discovered byContributed bySystem star(s) typeRinged EL?Moon EL?If ELM, parent type?No. of moonsScreenshot URLNotes
Prooe Drye OP-C c14-462,378.77Sinister HedgehogK8 VAFALSEFALSEN/A0
Aucoths SL-B d14-15A 55,562.44Sinister HedgehogF0 VI, M0 VAFALSEFALSEN/A0
Smojoo MN-T d3-22A 64,824.61Sinister HedgehogA4 VI, K7 VAFALSEFALSENANA
Pru Eurk WK-E d12-3B 13,353.47 Sinister HedgehogG1 VAB, K6 VAFALSEFALSENA0
Lysood MR-N d6-11089,992.70 Sinister HedgehogF1 VBFALSEFALSENA0
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Can't speak for others, but when I started off the original list, it was so we had a bunch of locations to visit for Earth like planetary landings. I imagined they'd be of special interest to the community.
Can't speak for others, but when I started off the original list, it was so we had a bunch of locations to visit for Earth like planetary landings. I imagined they'd be of special interest to the community.
My main goal with the list was to figure out how Earth-likes might "work", how we can find better ones, any anomalies, and so on. By now, I think this has been achieved as well as it could be - and doing any more research is much better done on the crowdsourced data anyway, as that's both far larger and less biased.

Two fun pieces of history from back then. First off, before this, the predominant thinking was that people should stick to G stars if they wanted to find Earth-likes, because our own Sun is a G star as well. As far as I know, I was the first to make a list of what star classes systems with ELWs had, and that sent that theory away.
Second, your comment about having a bunch of locations to visit for Earth-like planetary landings reminded me that back at Horizons's launch, I said I expected that we'd have landings at least on barren atmospheric worlds in two years. That was the end of 2015. Turns out what we got instead were landings on thin atmospheric planets in 5.5 years. I'm not making any more predictions now :D

Oh, and on another note: I've added the entries, the list is updated again.
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I haven't ever shared my discoveries here before, but had a particularly rare one I thought was worth sharing, and in general a very successful trip to and from the three worlds nebula/Lagrange lighting storm in Thaile HW-V e2-7!

First, the big one, SWOIPHS VE-X D2-58: A triple earthlike world system only 3,200 ly from the bubble around a blue/white star. Two of them are orbiting each other within 2 ls, which was an impressive sight! The other orbits a high metal content word. The system also has 8 high metal content planets. I'm not sure exactly how rare this is, but from what I can find online it seems pretty rare, especially that close to the bubble!

Swoidai QA-U D4-98 - 1 earth like, 2 water worlds - 5,100 ly
Swoidai AS-H D11-29 - 1 earth like - 5,760
Blua EOQ RJ-O D7-11 - 1 earth like - 6,297
Thaile UJ-X D2-74 - 1 earth like - 10,592

I was also curious if anyone knows exactly how the list is maintained/how to update it, because I looked up the triple earth like system there, and it's information is incorrect for the triple earth like. For one of course I have the first discovery on everything in the system, but more importantly the planets are all wrong!



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Alright, it's time for me to close the list down, I'd rather not deal with having to go through all the Imgur links and see which ones will be broken. So, no more new submissions from June onwards: if somebody still wanted to send in some new ones (I highly doubt that, but who knows), then you have until then to make them.

Oh, and I added the last ones, sorry about taking so long to do that! I've forgotten about them.

As for the reason, it should be fairly obvious: the list has been outdated for a long while, the crowdsourced data sites have many more ELWs and pretty much everything is logged on them now. When I started this list, the game didn't even use to log anything, then later on, there were still things that were only visible on screenshots and not logged into the journal files. So, the ELW list will be closed, and won't be maintained, but I'll still leave it up of course. And once again, thank you to everyone who sent in discoveries! The original research done on Earth-likes wouldn't have been possible without you.
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