List of Fixes/Improvements to Coasters

These are improvement that I have been hoping Frontier could implement fairly easily.

These have also been suggested on the forums in other threads for some time and feel would be welcomed by the community. (I am no developer and software designer so I am just going off previous fixes they have made with a fairly quick turnaround).

Feel free to add!

All Coaster Types
  • Increased Catwalk Options (Left, Right, Both, None)
  • Ability to remove catwalks on lift hills
  • More train swap options. Some models are missing swap options. Ideally if the track dimensions match up in game, the ability to swap should be allowed.
Viper One
- Allow for single lap with block section mode

Barghest and Infinite
- Catwalks on standard chain lift

Iron Fury
- Increase minimum cars per train

- Increase minimum cars per train

  • True shuttle mode
  • Increase minimum cars per train
- Increase minimum cars per train
Yes to all!
Allow inclined block-brakes in slight inclines (as every other coaster).

Allow steeper angles and inversions (and gererate supports on these track pieces).
Add the non-inverting pre-built track-pieces such as the horseshoe-element, which exist on existing real-life coasters). These elements are available on most other coasters in the game. If this is too much work, then please let us swap trains.

Add vertical lift that can be built by players. Or add a pre-built one that allows players to built the drop themselves.
Remove the block-brake from the vertical dop-section of the pre-built lifts.

Wooden Wild Mouse:
Allow to set the minimal "train"-lengths to one car and add block-brakes for realistic and SAFE operation.
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