Listening post at Celaeno 1

I know there was a relay station but a listening post ?
That's news i think.
Orbiting near Celeano 1, this is what that gave me when scanned :

And today's Galnet news, probably we'll find another megaship, destroyed by the Thargoids:

Galactic News: Message Found in Celaeno

13 NOV 3303

A number of news feeds have reported the discovery of an intriguing message in the Celaeno system. The message, which was recovered from a listening post, apparently contains an emergency broadcast from the Aida, a Hogan–class cargo vessel.

The precise nature of the message has not been confirmed, and it is not known if security forces in Celaeno have investigated the issue.
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Here's the text in English (OP's post looks like a localization error):

Off to HIP 17862 then!
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Well, haven't found anything new yet. Neither the ship's wreckage, nor anything new in NHSS-es.

Update: checked the vicinity of all the bodies twice, checked a bunch of signal sources, nothing. I wonder if it's better hidden, or just bugged. In any case, that's it for me, I do need to get going.
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hm... everyone be on the sharp eye... or everyone have a sharp eye... anyways, it mentions different thargoids, so maybe... FINALLY we have the red dues
I had a good fly around all the planets in the system and found no new fixed signal sources (just the tourist beacon close to the 6th planet, because there's a crashed Thargoid Interceptor in this system).

The news article mentions the ship sending the distress signal is a Hogan class Cargo vessel, so you'd think there's supposed to be a wrecked megaship somewhere.
One of the INRA bases on the message was miss-typed so maybe it means another system? like instead of 17862 its 17892. Food for thought
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