Little helpful facts - Did you know that...

... four pips on SYS make your shields much stronger?

... pips on ENG not only make your ship faster, but also more maneuverable?

... when landing, you landing pad is shown on the compass (yeah... it really is)?

... that you are back in orbit when closing the game and launch vanilla Elite (when glich-stuck inside a planet for example)?

... that scanning the nav beacon (navigation list near a sun) shows you all bodies and stations in an unknown system (just drop out there and target it on the -contacts- list. Not even a discovery scanner needed. Only in colonized systems.)?

... that you can boost to the sides?

... that you end up in front of a station's mailslot when approaching it from the body it orbits.

... that the FSD charging isn't slowed down by disruptive mass when hyperjumping (high wake) like it is when going to supercruise (low wake). Incredibly useful in when escaping from a fight.

(A thread for the small things you notice during gameplay or pick up elsewhere on the way. It's about game mechanics and general tips and tricks for the everyday space life. Feel free to add your own helpful stuff)
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Tell me more about boosting to the sides!

You can hit the brakes during an FSD countdown and arrive at the destination system in supercruise at 30km/s (the throttle bar won't reflect changes during countdown but you'll show up at minimum speed).
Braking in supercruise, when approaching your destination, is most efficient by not throttling down but rather entering a planet's gravitational influence. Also cuts down on interdictions during approach to the destination.
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You can charge the fsd & hold it without jumping by avoiding full throttle (and not being lined up with the target for an H-jump). Be ready to jump in an instant.

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A Cutter & A Corvette will fit side by side through the letterbox of a station, a Cutter & a T-9 will not.

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Stations rotate anti-clockwise. Targeting a corolis (cube-like) station will show arrows on the hud image pointing towards the side with the slot.
You can find the right direction for docking by the number of your landing pad. If the number is visible behind the pad, you're facing the right direction. If it is in front of the pad, you need to turn 180°.
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- with a blown Canopy and HUD parts missing, making it to your Destination Outpost/Station etc. is indicated by the Blue Compass Dot as well, center it and you're golden. No need to weave around.

- FA off works during Glide, but the Ship still steers towards the direction you point at. Still, in the oddball case that you need max. Glide agility for some reason, you can use FA off during the Glide phase

- a Hyperjump or SC mini-hop actually doesn't need Thrusters, provided you retained sufficient speed (FA off) and the nose points (at least temporarily during rotation) at the Jump Destination or SC target vector
(ship will naturally unsafe disengage after arrival in new System, a mini-hop to SC will have moved the Ship a mere ~8km from your last position - but you'll be in a new Instance)

[doesn't work anymore in V2.2]

- FA off during or directly after losing Thrusters (or Powerplant for that matter) retains your speed, while FA on in comparison will stop the Ship to a halt (exception : over a Planet surface)

- Want to approach a Planetary Settlement as fast as possible? Aim a bit above it and shortly before the Glide disengages push the nose down. Ship will be as little as 2km away and you might scare yourself! Not recommended on High-G Planets in heavy ships.

- with Friends in the local Area (same System), enabling "Wing Beacon" actually gives off a white Beacon to your Friends in Supercruise, even when not in a Wing. Like a standard LowWake, but it's persistent.

- as soon as the Countdown starts for any FSD Jump, your Ship is actually invincible and won't take any damage for those 5 Seconds before the jump (sole exception : excess heat will still build up)

- the limit for any Safe disengage into i.e. an Asteroid Ring or a Manual Drop out of SuperCruise is 999km/sec (<1Mm/sec) close to any Gravity well

- two powered up AFMUs actually work at the same time, speeding up any Repairs accordingly

- when approaching a distant USS (or Low Wake), the Auto-Throttle will limit the speed at which you can effectively reach it
-> Unlock it and you instantly gain full Speed control based on nearest Gravity Well. Carefully manually approach until a desired Range is achieved, then lock again for final approach. Much much faster way to get there.

- when entering an overshoot Situtation towards a Station, Outpost or Signal Source, stay idle and momentarily unlock it. If the overspeed isn't severe and just exceeding the Auto-Throttle envelope, the Ship will nearly instantly stop. Lock destination again for a normal approach

- Gravity Braking is actually a thing. Within certain limits, making a swing-by maneuver near a strong Gravity well during Overshoot conditions in SuperCruise can greatly assist the Ship slowing down. Allows for more aggressive approaches.

- Blown Canopy and docked at an Outpost with little Emergency O2 left, only to find out it has no Repair Facility? Enter Hangar to replenish O2. Then safely plan your Repair trip.

- need or want to reach ludicrous Speeds over a Planet? FA off yields far higher top speeds, the higher the Gravity the higher the attainable speed during the descent... Be careful though ;)

- Stations or Outposts don't mind you firing Prospector or Collector Limpets around or inside them, does not register as Weapon fire. Skill-Shotting NPC traffic with a 200m/sec Limpet is quite a challenge from a distance :D

- Cargo jettison limits (i.e. for a Transfer to another Player) : within 1000km of any Station/Outpost : 20 (anything beyond that will blow up instantly!), in Deep Space : 100

- Materials Scooping : Materials are actually invincible to collision Damage. So no need to be extra careful out of fear they could blow up during a bad scooping approach

- Encountered a nice Metallic Meteorite on a Planet but have no SRV? Manually shoot it with the Ship and (works on flat terrain) manually scoop it with the Ship. Works best in smaller Ships of course - but it works. Same with Canisters.

- having problems finding Cargo Content in Planetary POIs? Fire off a single Collector Limpet and lock it up as a Target. As soon as anything scoopable comes within max. Range of that Collector, it'll fly off straight towards it
(naturally it'll blow up on the Ground, but it's a suitable 1-way Cargo finder, reliably showing you where you need to go :) )

- when you clicked "Outfitting" while up on the Pad but realize you need to check something else quickly, the Pad movement/entering Outfitting process normally blocks it - press ESC twice to immediately regain Station/Outpost Menu and Chat functionality

- in a busy Instance full of traffic, you can very quickly identify human traffic in the chaos by selecting the Text Comms Panel and momentarily toggle into the "Friends" Tab - instantly shows all Player Ship types currently in Local Comms Range

- STRG+B displays bandwidth in all Game screens, use it when you need to hug a medium Pad of an Outpost for a longer time - it'll spike and stay high as soon as another Player enters your Instance. Works even while in Galnet or GalMap

- typing /help into the Text Chat window will reveal a list of all advanced text chat functions

- momentarily taking view Focus onto the Text Chat window will reveal all the text long faded away otherwise; leaving the focus onto it allows to scroll up to review earlier Messages that otherwise disappeared to above

- giving any Control- or Weapon firing input at the moment of entering Debug Cam will keep those inputs, allowing to see your Ship maneuvering and/or firing its Weapons for more dynamic Screenshots

- when Mining with Collector Limpets, placing the Cargo Hatch of the Ship approx. ~30-40m directly above the fragment cloud will enable "Turbo-Scooping" (with Collector turnaround times as little as 1sec per fragment)

- when Fuel Scooping, the little red Warning Triangle in the top right HUD will go off at the very moment you enter the Transient Zone of the Ship's Thermal Design limits - giving a very precise benchmark of your constant rate scooping limit

- when holding any Icy Mining Commodities (even a few tons Low Temp Diamonds), Pirate NPCs take extremely little interest in your Cargo. Executing Mining Missions for Icy Mining stuff hence is possible even in a HazRES at very low risk (far quicker Mission execution, as Asteroid yields are far higher in a HighRES or HazRES)

- "stealth Mining" is actually a thing... High-Yield Asteroids exist upto 20km from the center of a HighRES/HazRES. With Caution, a single nice Asteroid found there can be mined and yield upto 35tons (!)... ~15-20km area has very low chance of NPC encounters, just keep your eyes peeled on the Scanner (NPCs will ignore Limpets carried onboard while on the way to the outer boundary and won't attack)

- using Turrets set to "Fire at will" in a Conflict Zone will quickly aggro every enemy NPC 3km around your Ship - making you "everybody's darling" within 30sec or less. Use them in "Target only" mode instead

- Conflict Zone management is possible even as a "lone Ranger". Stick to a potent NPC and follow it/attack its Target, afterwards move on with it. After a while of doing so, a "Snowball effect" can set in, as more and more freed up friendliy NPCs are being "gathered up" near you. Keep following them and you'll never be alone. If successful, you'll soon enjoy "total spectrum domination" in the CZ and have upto 10+ NPCs near you to help out vs. any opposing force

- Engineers : Grade 5 Short Range Blaster Multicannons sound sexy, but their reduced max. Range (displayed) isn't their key downside. Projectile Velocity (not Displayed) is... that can be as low as ~600m/sec, effectively rendering the Multicannons ineffective (keep missing small/medium maneuvering Targets) at Ranges as low as 500m (!)

- when departing directly from a Planet (SuperCruise entry or especially Hyperjumping), doing so while flying inverted even at moderate G conditions can tend to overheat the Ship dramatically. On High-G Planets, simply inverting the Ship at 0-40deg negative Pitch will already do the same all by itself. Especially with Dirty Drive Engineer mods, rather keep the Ship upright for departure and avoid inverted flight.

- with rebuilding or recharging Shields and a completely depleted SYS Capacitor, Utilities like Chaff can actually enter a "Low Power" condition, temporarily rendering them inoperable. Apply more Pips to SYS to regain their functionality

- Equipped 2x (or more) Chaff or Heat Sinks will Auto-Sequence and fire one after another, provided a Hotkey is used to activate them (not used via any Firing Group). This provides continuous coverage if needed.
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You can charge the fsd & hold it without jumping by avoiding full throttle (and not being lined up with the target for an H-jump). Be ready to jump in an instant.

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A Cutter & A Corvette will fit side by side through the letterbox of a station, a Cutter & a T-9 will not.

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Stations rotate anti-clockwise. Targeting a corolis (cube-like) station will show arrows on the hud image pointing towards the side with the slot.
A Conda and a T-9 will fit side by side in the slot (found that out by not looking as I was exiting the station). Tight squeeze tho!
Have hard time attacking surface base because they fire a lot of missiles at your srv? Fit your main ship with couple point defense and land your ship near the base you are attacking. Your ships point defense turrets will destroy all missiles in range that are fired at your srv.

Also the settlement or npcs don't target your ship while you are in srv.
- Collector limpets frozen? Sometimes when under fire the module takes a bit of damage and the limpets stop working. This can also happen if you have lots of Hatchbreakers and collectors in the void at once. Simple solution, just turn the controller module off, wait five seconds and then turn it back on again. Just like real life.

- You gain speed faster in SC by heading out of the orbital plane

- Not all Pirates are griefers

- Low Temperature Diamonds can often be found in the holds of NPC ships with refineries in high population systems which are enjoying boom states. These are one of the best commodities to Pirate and can be sold in Boom state Black markets for over 50k per ton.
If you "corona surf" as a refueling technique you will cut down on, in-progress interdictions, about 2/3 of the time as they will "fly into the sun" trying to get lined up behind you.
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Did you know that:

You will never discover any of this, until you die,       about it, and then get dumped on by the forum for not knowing it? :(

How about a real manual/wiki? In one place? On Frontier's site?

Naaah, you have to learn the hard way. Punish the scrubs, like Real Life! That's why it's a game (that you paid money for, and expect documentation)!
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