PvP Little victories

Won the Interdiction minigame today.

Historically though, I've always lost in PvP interdictions.

I speak on the end where I was targeted by ganker/pirate/IRL psychopath, not me being the one to start it.

You see, today I was flying my brand new Krait Mk II, and as I only have the credits for one loadout right now, she's outfitted for mining so I can make more credits to get more modules for her so she can do more things than just mining. She can hold her own against PvE pirates. PvP? Not a chance! :p

Anyway, here is the story. I was going to a station to buy a few A-rated modules, with the intention of making my ship an even better mining platform. A-rated pulse wave scanner, bigger shield booster and generator, bigger refinery, higher quality limpet controllers. Oh and a 7A power plant. That's nice.

But before I could buy that gear... Hit a snag. CMDR in a Mamba. I thought to myself, "well bother". Unsurprisingly, the Mamba was soon on my tail and before I knew it, the interdiction started. Really my own fault they got a chance. I had a moment to decide if I should leave the system. Decided I'd take the risk and continue trying to break through to the station.

Anyway, the tunnel game begun, and to my utter shock... I was winning. I don't know how, I but I was beating this thoroughbred fighter in my mining ship. Had I lost it would be game over. No engineering whatsoever, and as the pretence of this thread suggests, not even A-rated. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't stupid. I had more than a few dozen re-buys so if it went wrong, no big.

But I am very proud of myself today. I actually found the tunnel game in the Krait easier than my old Cobra. When I think about it, maybe the Cobra was too twitchy. Krait? She does feel like a relatively large vessel. But not sluggish either. Just something with a bit of girth. I'm of no doubt though: I prefer the Krait in supercruise.

After I broke free, opened throttle and smashed my way into the station. Barely got within drop-out speed and nearly overshot. Good thing I didn't because if I did, that Mamba was now back and turning.

Quite the exhilarating encounter, if I do say so myself.

Needless to say, the Krait is the gift that keeps on giving.
Good job. Just remember if you're about to lose, and you sure as hell know for a fact you will - throttle down and submit. Better than the long FSD cooldown.
Good job. Just remember if you're about to lose, and you sure as hell know for a fact you will - throttle down and submit. Better than the long FSD cooldown.
Yeah definitely. I had the cut engine voice command ready to blurt out the whole time. By some miracle ended up not needing it today.
Krait is an excellent ship and there is quite a debate over which is better, Krait or Python? Seems to boil down to personal preference but both are acknowledged as excellent multi - role medium ships, can't go wrong with either.

Definitely a good idea to build up a healthy cushion of credits to cover multiple rebuys!

When mining I think having good thrusters is really helpful, sometimes to boost away from the pirates but also to help manoeuvring around the asteroid.

For info my combat Krait looks like this, although you might want to swap the SLF for extra HRP if the lag issues are a problem:

Learning PvP in this ship has been lots of fun, I rarely win fights (I have won a few) but this ship certainly gives me a great chance- you might find switching the PA's from efficient to focused or long range helps with hitting things
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