Livery improvements

Need the ability to change ship views in the livery, especially for the application of ship kits. Currently I have to apply a piece, exit the livery, return to the surface, enter free cam, and then determine that the piece doesn't look good. Please let one of the thumbsticks control rotation or something. This is also a problem on many ships when trying to assess hard point placement. I cant tell where I'm looking until I completely undock and extend hard points. On this front, the shipyard screen should have a hard point toggle which draws points color-coded to hard point size which follow their relative placement on the ship so we can see what it can stock and where without looking online.

Need the ability to change weapon color on a per-weapon basis, including keeping weapons default at will. Maybe I want a red white and blue theme, or rainbow, maybe I want a better way of determining which weapons are what. Doesnt matter. I paid for all the colors, and I'd like to use them please. Perhaps an option to pick multiple colors and have them on a rotation with a speed slider so they can either change color fast or slow.
Same with engine color. I want to adjust this on a thruster-by-thruster basis, and perhaps have the ability to have it change colors.
Imagine how many more of those cosmetic items you'd sell! Nobody would buy just one color if they had the option of equipping multiple!

Uranus needs to look like uranus.

Need the ability to equip multiple of one object. Pretty sure it's not currently possible to have an entire dashboard full of braben bobbles... but it should be!

Some ship kit items cover decal placements. When you make these kits, you should be able to tell which pieces will do that because they are specific to the ship. So add new decal placements on those parts and copy whatever the player has equipped on their ship into that space.

Comment below with other livery improvements.
The lighting in the hangar is poor and changes the overall look of the livery.
Not good for potential purchases.
Or purchasers.:(

Edit: The more I think about it, the more annoying it is.
Lost revenue?
And how do I see all the new stuff in the (ps4) shop?
Maybe I'm missing something on the screen menu, but put the new stuff at the top!
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The lighting in the hangar is poor and changes the overall look of the livery.
Somewhere in the main livery menu they could add environmental controls, one of which could be a dimmer switch. That way you could also turn off the lights and see the emissive paints better.
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