Livery on the frontier site.

Hello everyone I come here after being told by FD that it is better to type it down here instead of filing a ticket. So here it goes!

Like many of you I like Elite. The thing is whenever I am able to devote the little time available I have for games I jump right into the game. I see a big button with "arx / livery" but I just skip it. This is why I didnt know that a new ship kit for the Clipper came out or the iCourier paints. All that got to me through SPVFA group. I didn't get notified via the newsletter "oh hey, new stuff! Check it out!" or even on the launcher (i mostly skip everything there as usually nothing is new). I am also a person that usually has with himself a 2 core laptop with an integrated graphics card. This monster can't even handle Windows 10 well. Not to mention Elite. I can't just devode my work time to check out every possible livery for all the ships that I don't even own now. It is a total waste of my time. And you probably know - time is money. So please FD. If you want my money. Save my time. Help me see the things that I might like whenever I browse the web on my laptop. I dont want to miss out on the limited skins just because I was busy with real world. Even if I have more than enough for all the ships I have.

Let me say it again. Time is money. Want my money? Save my time. The 101 of advertising.
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