News Livestream: Elite Dangerous Battle Cards (24/05 - 7:00 PM BST)

Will Flanagan

Community Manager

Greetings Commanders,

Reaping the benefits of our Bonus Weekend but need a little inter-haul entertainment? Well, look no further, we have a special livestream lined up for you!

The (spider) minds behind the Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game will be joining us this Thursday for the reveal of their new and upcoming game – Elite Dangerous Battle Cards! Join us live on 24 May at 7:00 PM BST on our YouTube channel to watch us play through the game.

So… what is it?

Battle in asteroid belts to gain cover against enemy attacks, explore planets to gain advantage over your foe, or send a fleet of transports to construct an unstoppable capital ship. Create an armada of spaceships, fighters, warships – even entire space stations. Use special abilities to outflank your enemy, upgrade your vessels with enhanced equipment or play action cards to save your ships or foil your opponent.

Control the fate of the galaxy across three battle zones, each with its own special mission which influences your cards and determines ultimate victory. Build a speed deck to get the drop on your opponent, or grind them down with your industrial power and superior economy.
We’ve kidnapped Principal Designer Steve Kirby and Community Manager Will Flanagan and, armed with only a deck of Elite Dangerous Battle Cards, pitted them against one another.
Well, regardless, they won’t be alone! Creators Oliver Hulme and Jon Lunn (from Spidermind Games) will be present to guide our unwitting combatants to victory.

Join us live on 24 May at 7:00 PM BST on our YouTube channel.

If you’re keen to learn more about the upcoming Elite Dangerous Battle Cards, or want to pre-order, visit their website here:

You can also follow ED Battle Cards on Facebook and Twitter.

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