Livestream schedule - Beyond Chapter One content reveals (dates, content and time)

keep in mind - the update now is just for what you saw - colors and macro-tectonic. planetary scale
up close, those plains will still be mostly one color
Not necessarily. The multiple colors of the new planet surfaces have to meet at some point, so there should most definitely be improved coloring at the SRV level too. Much like how rocky ice worlds can look great from the surface now due to the colors.
Not necessarily. The multiple colors of the new planet surfaces have to meet at some point, so there should most definitely be improved coloring at the SRV level too. Much like how rocky ice worlds can look great from the surface now due to the colors.
So mengy...

Happy ?

Have you found THE answer to your question ? :)
So mengy...

Happy ?

Have you found THE answer to your question ? :)
No, I'm very upset.

You see I'm still at work and haven't seen the stream yet, but I'm leaving soon and watching it as soon as I get home.

I'll have an update to my mood after that. :cool:
They showed some new clips of planets (they look amazing btw), and they did a close up but then "decided" the Chieftain was more important and took off for the nearest Nav. lol
I was honestly hoping for a bit of a planet run, or maybe even a screenshot or two. :(
Wasn't it supposed to be one major part of today's stream?

Edit: at last the video is replayable, and at around 10 mins mark they show some off! Amazing upgrade!
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Just caught up on the stream.

Couple of points I thought were odd:

1. Trade data
It appears that trade data can now be accessed from any system you previously visited.

It also looks like it's rather slow (although that might have been due to development environment as compared with live environment).

Wouldn't it have made more sense for the game to cache the data from systems you've previously visited, and then allow you to access that cache from within the game? Basically, the data gets old (so no magic updates) and, since all lookups are from your local disk, it's practically instant. Faster access, less impact on servers, albeit potentially out-of-date data.

2. Tech Broker
Not sure I like the idea of this "unlocking" tech mechanism. Would IMHO be better if the tech brokers were closer to Engineers (just more numerous), so after you unlock tech at one you can buy the tech but only from that broker (or perhaps any affiliated brokers). But should NOT suddenly be generally available at all outfitting stations. I mean, where's the logic in artificially limiting access to some tech until you show some proof that you've visited some guy previously?

What, Shock Cannons? No guv, we don't have any of those around here. Oh wait, you visited Mr Spencer last week? Why didn't you say so straight away, right you are Sir, this way please.
Thanks for the stream. And what can I say... Wow.

Putting a nice polish and refinement on a number of existing parts of Elite, plus some new goodies.
I am curious about all these different specialty weapons. I wonder if these will be used to replace various special effects like "corrosive rounds" given to regular weapons by Engineers, or if these will coexist side-by-side. It's also interesting in light of PowerPlay perks (who needs an Imperial Hammer when they can have a shock cannon?).
Went trough in VOD

* Trading improvements - had different ideas in my head, FD implemented ones are way better of course :) Huge thumbs up from non-EDDB player;
* Chieftan - you lucky Alliance. Feels amazingly fresh, like a new chapter in ship design ideology. I love this 'prototype' vibe I am getting from Alliance ships, it feels like first Iron Man prototype or similar;
* Both structure scan (new) and target scan (improved) are biggest surprises so far for me. So nice guys. Please give us that autotargeting for everything else - signal sources in SC, white targets, anything;
Also structure scan is amazing visually and audially;
* More I think about Technology Broker, more I like the pitch. Sidegrades are way more interesting for me that blank upgrades via Engineers. All strange exotic tech...nice. It opens doors;
* Planetary;
So mengy...

Happy ?

Have you found THE answer to your question ? :)
Okay I've seen the stream now. To followup on your question, I'm both happy and disappointed. It was a good stream, just not a good stream for me personally, not completely anyway:

  • The Cure for Beige - Well for three minutes we got to see some of the new planets. For me personally this is the most important feature of 3.0 so I was really hoping for more than that. We didn't even get to see any views from planet surfaces!!??!? o_O As soon as Ed panned over to the Chieftain in orbit and said "here is the star of the show" I knew then and there my hope for satisfaction had been crushed. :(
  • The Chieftain - It's a great looking ship, but it's another pure combat ship. With it's average jump range and five internals it isn't suited for exploration, or trading, or anything other than combat really. It's basically a smaller FGS but not rank locked and without the SLF. Or an oversized Vulture. Seems great for combat players as it gives them something different to fly. I was hoping for a Python competitor, so it's disappointing for me personally.
  • Tech Broker - Interesting concept, but I really hope they have more than just new weapons and cargo racks. Nothing for non-combat players to get excited about, hopefully we learn during the beta that tech brokers are more than just combat player content.
  • Trading Improvements - FRACKING FANTASTIC!!! This was awesome, Frontier has done much more than I anticipated they would. Super Fracking Impressive, and I can't wait to play around with this new system. They just might have actually made external trade tools mostly obsolete. Great job here.
  • New Megaship Gameplay - This looked pretty cool and was a surprise. It looked like pirate only content, so unless there is more to it than that I don't really see how useful it is for non-pirates, but it seemed well done. A new kind of limpet though? That I do not like, the number of limpet types is bordering on overly cumbersome now. I feel like this is an issue Frontier will need to address very soon if they continue to add new limpet types to the game. The structure scan mechanic seems useful but most exploration ships won't have room to carry the controller for it, so I'm worried. Maybe it's for pirating only though.
So yeah, good stream, but disappointing for me personally. I know Frontier is usually combat focused and never very interested in exploration so I shouldn't have expected what I did really. I still feel let down though, for tonight at least. The beta is a week away however, so I'll be able to see what I'm interested in for myself soon enough.
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Hate to rain on the parade, but can't we please have links to the streams (once they are posted on youtube) linked in the first post? We don't all live in the right time zone to tune it...

Second, for the love of all that is holy, please chop the near 6 minutes of "stream starting soon" on your videos. It's a video that is uploaded, not live - get the work experience guy to edit it out. If more than 20-30 seconds of "stream starting soon" exists on the video, you're doing it wrong...

OK, venting done, on to watch the stream, and hopefully end on a high note...

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