Community Event / Creation Local Nebula Map for Explorers

I whipped this together as a nice little handy map for new explorers unsure of what direction to head. I had skimmed various online Astronomy sites and Wikipedia to to cross reference against the Galaxy Map to source many of the not obviously visible ones you can scan on the Galaxy map.

It's also useful if you're out there and want to see if anything interesting is close by, Planetary Nebulae can be rather sneaky on the galaxy map.

I had posted this back on Reddit a while back, but there's probably quite a few who've not seen it here. Enjoy :).

The below is the JPEG version. Here is the lossless PNG for those inclined.

Edit: Got very confused following a link, posted in the wrong place. Guess it's time to put the ale down for tonight. Sorry for the necro.
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Very nice! Love it!

It would be great to see a map of the entire galaxy like this. Huge project though!
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