Location DLC's

I hope that one day (after more generic zoo DLC like Marine Life DLC, Aquarium DLC, Nocturnal house DLC, ...) we would get area specific DLC's. I will use as an example an Australian DLC.
I imagine it would be something like as the animals we would get Australian animals that we don't already have until then in the game, the animals I imagine that won't be in any of the
generic zoo DLC are animals like the Short-beaked echidna, The spotted quoll and many more. I imagine that if we would get an area specific DLC it would also have flora and objects from this area so that we can make an Australian area for our zoos or even build like animal sanctuaries for Australian animals. I don't know how the maps will work in the game but if we would get maps in specific countries we might get some new maps along the way.

I think this would be a great idea because it would be a way to add animals as well as objects to the game that belong to an specific area. This kind of DLC would mean that people who really want more area specific animals can get them but people who have enough with the more generic zoo DLC can stop after them but people who want to build an true around the world experience in there zoos can build those too. I would think these pack would be around the same prices as the Planet Coaster DLC while the bigger DLC would be more expensive.

My suggestions for area's I would really like to see as this type of DLC:
  • Australia
  • British Isles
  • Mediterranean
  • North Africa
  • Russia
  • Indonesia
  • Chinese Highlands
  • ...
Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea.

PS. Sorry for the ramble en sorry for any spelling mistakes (English isn't my mother tongue)
Honestly I highly suspect location-based DLC is going to be the way forward post-release, if only because that's the easiest way I can see them releasing new building themes as well (e.g. outback theme for an Australian dlc pack).
I think that's a great idea. One example I would really like - if they aren’t already on the list of animals for the game - is a Japan themed DLC with animals like Japanese macaque, Asiatic black bear, sika deer, Japanese serow, raccoon dog and red-crowned crane.
Wasn't an often expressed whish in Planet Coaster to add more generic pieces, as they are more versatile for all sorts of buildings and less restricting for the imagination?
My biggest issue is that the "generic" pieces we got at the start of the game, didn't feel "complete" and never where expanded with the "missing" items.
I use these "" just to iterate that is my personal opinion.

Many items are multi-functional though and are easy to use in different settings, so that was not really an issue for me.
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