Lock and Load combat zones

friendly fire shenanigans in 3, 2, 1..
Like, joining the opposite faction to shoot them and force them to lose.. I hope they thought of that.
Not sure you understand the implications of an imperial faction dropping troops on a federal ship then.
I did say that imperials using imperial ships would make more sense (and named a couple I thought might work - the courier for instance, has always been about "delivering" the empires.... edicts.

(Also though, players who have the King rank in the Empire are often wandering about in Federal ships, and vice versa - I would personally make that impossible but hey, off topic)
As a dropship.


Game is doomed.
Metaphorical Doom- I mean, can you imagine the Dropships designers facepalming and wondering what they have to do to get the ship used as a dropship?

Imperial pilots may want to take an issue if they are ferried in a federal dropship 😋
But a Vulture is Core Dynamics, a real supporter of Imperial values

Wonder if there will be dedicated dropships for each fraction?
my guess is that, to just make the easiest implementation of the drop animation, using a single ship is better. Later then would need to add 'if' conditions to the workflow to use one ship or another depending on the faction the player selected, but I don't see a problem in doing so anyway.. I don't this this is a stopper.
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