Locked Blueprints - Mechanics are fully researched

I absolutely love the game, but any thing i make looks rubbish (i just don't have the patience or the time for what i want!) and so I've downloaded a lot from the workshop. Unfortunately a few are still locked despite being fully researched from the mechanics side of things. I'm guessing that I need to research something with the vets to unlock them. This is quite straight forward if it is a habitat for a particular animal, however there's a few items where I have no clue what it is i'm missing!

If there was a way to have a list of the areas which need researching (either in game or on the workshop) it would make this far less annoying, or even the ability to use them but with the locked pieces missing.

I have already seen others with the same problem.

ETA : It seems like it might actually be a bug that others have had as well that mainly happens with the bigger blueprints. Hopefully they'll unlocked themselves!
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