Newcomer / Intro Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

Have been using one of these since Elite started in 2014. No problems, except as the grip is smooth plastic it gets a little slippy with sweaty hands. Cured this by wrapping self adhesive cloth handle bar tape around the grip.
I loved mine before it gave up the ghost (this is 3+yrs ago, btw). I now use a Thrustmaster (TM) Hotas-X - which is not as well built or accurate - but both are adequate as long as you're not serious about PvP (or getting really good at module sniping). If you're after accuracy on a budget, the TM T-16000m is very good but tends to suffer from yaw potentiometer issues after a year or so (mine became unusable, 2+ yrs ago). VKB Gladiator is good too, but lacks buttons for a game like ED. After that you're into bigger budget territory with the Saitek X56s, then TM Warthog...& then proper space-nerd territory with VKB & Virpil high-end kit; I simply cannot justify spending that sort of cash on Elite, but YMMV! :)
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