[INDEPENDENT] Looking for a home and a friendly group? Come join the Knights of Karma.


Knights of Karma

It's been over two years now since we formed. We started small, took control of a hugely populated system by the actions of our small team. We were able to expand to neighboring systems and gain control over those. We reached out to the frontiers of space and established our faction in the Colonia region. And now we have come a full circle.

We are looking for new members from all walks of life, whether new or a veteran who are looking for a place called home. Additionally we are looking for players who are willing to take part in the daily BGS activities of our faction. Understanding of the BGS is a bonus, but no prior knowledge is required. We are a friendly and tightly knit group looking to have fun in whatever we do.

Our only rule: Don't be a di*k!

Come join us and we shall grow together.

Visit us at https://knightsofkarma.com/

About Us

We are a small but tightly knit group of CMDRs who came together with the need to have a place called home. Our home is situation in the system of Qa'wakana in the starport Carpini Terminal which orbits a beautiful ringed Earth Like World. Our main focus is socialising while playing the game be it whatever we do. We are generally lawful group of CMDRs although we don't tell others what to do as long as they are not being a !

We engage in Bounty Hunting, BGS coordination and the occasional events.

We have a private Discord server which is our main mode of communication. Invites will be provided to applicants personally.

How To Apply
  1. Make a join request in the in-game squadron Knights of Karma
  2. Join the squadron in INARA https://inara.cz/squadron/1038/
  3. Optionally join https://www.knightsofkarma.com
Applicants will be reached out to personally.
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