Looking for a home......

Only been playing Elite for a month or so looking for a group to play with.....Not new to MMO games I play in open play and play about everyday.....I am in pacific time zone and don't ask my age because I am older then dirt not really only 48....Haven't picked a faction yet and play on PC and have discord …...thanks hope to meet some new peeps
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I am 55.

Squadron is SOLD. We control a significant number of star systems on the edge of the inhabited parts of the galaxy. We will control more. Head over to our Discord at https://discord.gg/0xHDQ0xkHuIZGp9D

We are an independent Theocracy, the largest in the game.

Sacra Oculus is part of the Border Coalition which is a defensive alliance, that has a separate Discord. We also work in liberating rare trade commodities which are banned.
If you are looking for a home why it not be an Utopia?

The Acheron Syndicate is a fresh and new Utopian squadron which have broad activities, and a helpful, respectful community.

We don't have much yet but you could be one who can help with that.

Check out the INARA page:


If you want to be a part of Utopia but in a different squadron that is okay too, you can reach the Pranav Antal discord channel from our INARA too.

Hope you will find your home soon! :)
The IMC Remnant Fleet is looking for pilots, Both new and old that wish to join a Player Faction that will happily help you remember or learn new things about the game.

What we do: The IMC Remnant Fleet does pretty much anything in the game, We have members devoted to mining and teaching members the ropes, Just as much as we have members devoted to combat and trading.

Who we are: The IMC Remnant Fleet started from the remains of three former Player Factions that got together and created the IMC Remnant Fleet, The name Remnant Fleet was taken to remember that we came from the remnants of former glory.

Who we support: The IMC Remnant Fleet holds a sphere in Archon Delaine space, As such we pledge ourselves to Archon Delaine and stand by his rule, This gives us benefits like having G5 removing all fines and bounties from being gained in his space. We also are in the process of working along side Pranav Antal as our Government type benefits both Archon Delaine and Pranav Antal so we will be open to members of both powerplay factions contacting us and working with us.

How we play: The IMC is a mixture of casual gaming for the most part mixed in with more hardcore pushes if its needed. We don't enforce a mandatory amount of time a week to play the game, All we do is ask that our members help when they can where they can. Even two missions can assist us in the long run.

Our Ranks: In the IMC we have ranks spanning from "Recruit" which simply means you have joined the IMC on Inara, The in game Squadron and Discord. To Vice Admiral and Admiral given to the most deserving members. And of course Fleet Admiral given to the leader.

How to rank up: The easiest way to rank up in the IMC is to work for the faction or help recruit new members, The more work or recruiting you do the higher your rank in the IMC will be.

How to join: If this sounds like something you wish to be apart of you can head over to our Inara and Discord server via the links below. Request to join the Inara and join the discord and our command staff will welcome you.
Inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/5091/
Discord: https://discord.gg/pnSGNmk
Plenty of offers on the table I see, glad to see the community is so helpful! I'm new to the forums and exploring the actual community, though I've been playing for a while. I want to invite you to my new squadron. We now have 11 active pilots in the squadron at varying levels of advancement. We are happy to provide mentoring and guidance in any aspect of the game you want to pursue. Currently we are in the process of creating a faction of our own, so there will be plenty of activities in that regard in the near future!

Please check us out!

Website https://inara.cz/squadron/5795/
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/zuHWBRw
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