Looking for a new headset

I am on my third rift, the two previous ones had screen / Contact failures and are lying in a drawer for spare parts :)
The one I have now is good.

But the rift is outperformed by many other headsets mainly in the resolution area.

So, what is available to me?
The only real requirement is Mechanical IPD since mine in the rift is 68. Reverb looses clarity with IPD around 70 I have Heard.

So what to recommend or wait till later this year?.
I have the Rift S, Index, Reverb and 5k+

For Elite the Reverb destroys everything. I just did a 2 hour session in the Reverb and thought i would chuck the Index on for a while to compare. I lasted about 5 minutes before i switched back to the Reverb...

My IPD is 68 and the Reverb is spot on for me.
great to hear. mey as well try that headset. thanks
But now I read a Little about the headset and that there is a rather big issue with flickering displays?
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