Looking for a squadron?

The Nexus Union is a Independent Player Faction looking for New and Old Commander's to join us on Elite Dangerous. You must be 18+ and we are on both Xbox and PC platforms

We are a Private Group but not limited. We help and support each of our Members' in all aspects of the game - new or old. You must be 18 to join. We have opportunities to advance within our squadron by having ranks with NCO’s and CO’s. These stand for non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers.

We also have an active friendly Discord group and amazing Staff throughout. With ranking systems in place and Wings for the Squadron to grow and enhance Elite Dangerous just that little bit more.

If you would like to know more, contact me or search for us on Inara for our lore and standings withing the game.
Nexus Union, Fortune Favors the Bold!

Discord and Inara links:

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