Looking for a summary of the Thargoid incursions so far please...

What I'm specifically looking for, and if it doesn't exist, I'm interested in helping to create, is...a spreadsheet or other form of summary, showing each system the thargoids attacked, if they were repelled at the infestation stage, or at the incursion stage and if they weren't repelled, which station(s) were attacked and when and what is their state now.

Does such a thing exist or is anyone interested in helping me compile it?
I see how I can do it with the data in the main thread about attacks and what you can do, so the question remains if anyone has done it yet and if not, I'll get started. :)

This thread is maintained by factabulous and contains the info you need. Also you can join Canonn Discord, similar research has been going on, ask in #chat_thargoids.
Not aware than anyone has that - I started off trying to collect it, but have just about given up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS8Blew28cJsGxyIqn-qwOmNXOvCv_2JwuyFHojD2Ob4ZuFc9zTcBzO9b1nS00fehzLGvZtC3N2uG5S/pubhtml (you want sheet1). Feel free to take what you want, if anything.

I also attached my data file for the attack / repair states of stations - note that the dates are only approximate (as the data relies of eddb getting updated states). Stations are always attacked on Thursday, so you can assume the actual state change was the 'previous Thursday' and it should be approximately correct.

Problem with gathering the data you want is that there are so many pieces of information that would might be useful, but are tedious to gather. And the thread, while useful will not tell you all about when incursions and infestations finish (or even start) - the early weeks had good coverage, but later on I lost the will to screenshot, plus the list of incursions went over multiple pages, so again is painful to collect.

If you are going to gather info it would also be worthwhile to gather:
  • Did incursions contain attacked megaships? (they don't always get attacked)
  • Are there salvage missions in the rescue ship? (v.rare)
  • Are there AX missions in the Rescue Ship? (v.rare)
  • Are there NHSS in the Infested system? (common, but not always)
  • Are there NHSS in the Incursion system? (v.rare)
  • How many AX CZ in Incursion systems?


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