Looking for an ACTIVE Elite Dangerous group? Join Infinite Corporation ! ! !

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Greetings CMDR we are Infinite Corporation!

We are a very easy going group that is active on daily bases!
We have members from all around the world EU, US, australia and so on.
And we have some good news for u, because we are recruiting!!!

Our group exist of easy going people who like to hang out and make fun.
There are no rules in our group just common sense, no trolling, drama and stuff like that.
We play daily in wings doing PvP, Thargoid hunting, bounty hunting, minor faction and so on.
There are no obligations, if u want to wing up or want to do some stuff by urself all np.
How u want to play the game is up to u!!!

We also welcome CMDR's who are new to the game and want to set a footprint in the ED universe.
We dont mind giving advise and help u out!
Just this week we got 3 new players from sidewinder to anaconda's in 3 days time!

Than u can contact us on our discord:
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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