Looking for comments / math-warrior advice on Vette PvE setup...

I've spent hours on Forum posts found by Google to avoid making some willy-nilly fitting that doesn't work. I'd like to see if my take-away from all these arguments is not grossly mistaken in any area :)

I'll structure this into functional blocks... (Talking about speeds and guns and shields at the same time would be a muddle)


1x 7C Bi-Weave Shield - G5 Thermal Resistance (+50% exp., +40% therm., +35.2 kin.)

2x OA Shield Boosters - G5 Resistance Augmented (+12% each damage type)

Total resistances should add up as follows:
- explosive 50%+12%+12%=74% | ((74%-40%)/2)+40=58% actual resistance
- thermal 40%+12%+12%=64% | ((64%-40%)/2)+40=52% actual resistance
- kinetic 35%+12%+12%=59% | ((59%-40%)/2)+40=50% actual resistance

(Last one is rounded up from 39.5 - correctness depends if I understood the math as explained)

Since anything over 40% resistance gets cut in half, people were saying Heavy Duty Shield Boosters are the better choice after 2 Resistance Augmented Shield Boosters.
Keeping one of the 8 Utility slots for KW or Point Defense, that gives me room for 5 SB's with G5 Heavy Duty Mod.
Figuring a 50% roll (good but not the max of 56%) for each, you get 2x +20% and 5x +50% raw shield strength.

I figure each gets multiplied with the base shield strength and I found no claims about diminishing return factors.
Coriolis reads this as a 2,401 MegaJoule shield. Who am I to argue...

So the end result in shielding is a 2,401 MJ shield with 58/52/50% resists.

People did say having more resists helps the effective recharge rate, which makes sense, but for how high to go vs raw shield capacity, I could not find any statements.

(Trying to do the same thing with a "G5 Reinforced" mod on the shield would cost you recharge rate, while the shield boosters do not, so I didn't try it that way around. Please do let me know if there are benefits to this route, unknown to me.)

Lastly, I have no clue what size SCB I should use to restore my shields without the ship catching on fire...



You could do guns in a simple fashion - all MultiCannons (or whatever your flavor is), matching the slot size. Check if there's enough power or if it overheats and done! It'll work in PvE.

But where's the fun in that?

Unlike the shielding solution, which is entirely reliant upon the work of others, I came up with this weird setup all on my own:

- 1 huge PA G5 long range weapon (mainly for projectile speed) - has its own fire group.
(no effect - not because I'm lazy but there wasn't one without drawbacks to raw, single shot damage)
- 1 huge Multi-cannon gimbal - overcharged (no effect) - shares fire group with everything else.
- 1 large Multi-cannon gimbal - overcharged (no effect)
- 1 medium Multi-cannon gimbal or turret - G5 high capacity (effect: corrosive shells) (high capacity so it keeps corrosive debuff up longer.
- 1 medium Multi-cannon gimbal or turret - G5 high capacity (effect: emissive munitions) (high capacity so it keeps emissive debuff up longer.
- 2 small beam laser turrets - G5 Long Range (effect: thermal shock) - mainly for gnats the Vette can't outturn.

Why not two PA's in the huge slots? Because I noticed two things:

The first shot with the PA is easy to land and takes down the shields of large NPC ships in one shot. After that, the PA seems rather weak against the hull and its also hard to hit with its slow projectile speed. It *could* be quite a waste to have the PA there just for the first shot, vs a second huge Multi-cannon with Incendiary Rounds, but only if the idea of it doesn't work - to make the fight really short (i.e. target dead before its shield rebooted).

My questions here are:

Is the PA and the two small beam lasers going to cause enough heat and cap draw to cause issues?
Would the ship be better able to deal with 2 small beams without the PA? Or can the Corvette take that with ease?


3) Thrust and Maneuverability

Some people say A-rated thrusters only give you more speed, but you loose no maneuverability by using a D-rated thruster.

With the Vette, maybe its already the speed you don't want to loose, cause its not exactly the fastest boat in Elite.

At any rate, I'd be interested in an answer to whether that's true, that maneuverability does not degrade in a noticeable way with 7D thrusters.


4) Hull and Module reinforcements

- I'm planning to stick with a single hull reinforcement, because I don't expect to ever loose my shields.
- But installation of two module reinforcements seems to make sense, since those could get hit through the shields.


5) Fighter Hangar

I know nothing about that, but going to install one and see...

5) Utility

- I need some utility - collector limpets for engineering mats
- SRV hangar - 2G
- AFM to repair without having to withdraw
- advanced disco scanner
- 7A fuel scoop - hate slow scoops
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PvE is quite simple, strong shields standard w/ reinforced mod, HD shield boosters w/ high hull boost numbers, maybe one thermal, one resistance. I fill all of the Utility slots w/ boosters. Over 5k integrity

The rest is based on what you want to do and where you fly, if you fly Solo or Pvt. Gp., things aren't as critical. I don't carry a bit of this and a bit of that, I load-out according to the mission, no cargo then no cargo racks and so on.

Weapons are really what you like to see and hear, they can all be effective. Right now I'm playing w/ 4 rails and 3 MC's and I've tried many combos. Most everyone I play w/ use beams of some sort but engineered to a high degree.

When you play, if you're on the last shield ring and it's fading, it's time to leave, you can always come back, good luck.

Plenty of forum posts on these points.
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I understood that the meta was to have 3 or sometimes 4 resistant boosters, but it's a pve vette, shouldn't make any difference, you are invulnerable anyway
1) Your formula about resistance is not correct.

Not "anything over 40% resistance gets cut in half", the soft cap is related to the resistance on your shield gen,
0.3+0.7*x, x is the resistance on your shield
And how resistance stacks is not simply add them to the resistance of your shield gen,
1-(1-x)*(1-y)*(1-z)*(1-a)*..., x is the resistance on your shield, y/z/a... are the resistance on your shield boosters.

so now with +50% exp., +40% therm., +35.2 kin., soft caps would be 65% exp, 58% thermal, 54.6% kinetic
the resistance should be as follows
exp: 1-(1-0.5)*(1-0.12)*(1-0.12)=61.3%, no diminishing return;
thermal: 1-(1-0.4)*(1-0.12)*(1-0.12)=53.5%, no diminishing return;
kinetic: 1-(1-0.352)*(1-0.12)*(1-0.12)=49.8%, no diminishing return.

Shield value has no diminishing return.
Best HD booster I have ever seen is 67%, normally you can get 60% ones without too many rolls. But this will change in 3 days [noob].

And I would recommend 1 or 2 heatsinks to use together with SCBs, cuz usually I would prefer 2 7A or 7B SCBs.

2) It is PVE, you can use whatever you like without having any real problems.

3) A rated thrusters have better performance than D rated ones in every way.

4) If you are 100% sure that you won't lose your shield and 100% sure you will not do any PVP in this ship, then HRPs and MRPs are useless to you, cuz no npc could bypass your shield. Otherwise, I would recommend a HD military/reactive bulkhead, 3-4 HD HRPs and 2 c5 or c4 MRPs to make sure that you would have enough time to escape when your shield fails.

5) SLFs are very good in res, but normally they would die very fast in cz.

6?) 7A fuel scoop is kind of a overkill in a vette, cuz you probably wouldn't enjoy its jump range and ship transfer is more practical. Other stuffs, just fit whatever you need into the ship, it's PVE.
Here is my PVE Corvette although its currently got some refit for mining. Key Things:

Shields: Standard 7A Sheilds, Reinforced. 5 (OA) Boosters (3 x Heavy Duty, 1 Resistance Augmented, 1 Thermal Resistant) This give me effective fields of 6114.9KI / 4013.7TH / 7203.2EX (and thats with some crap G5 rolls, which will get fixed next week).

Weapons: Honestly, whatever you like, for PVE. I like my 2 x huge MCs and the rest all beams, for long sessions in CZs, but do whatever is fun for you. My setup runs very cool too - useful in CZs if you dont want to get swarmed.

Fighter Bay - Get the biggest one - two bays and 30 figthers. NPC get throw them fast, and also consider opening her up on Multicrew - you'll meet a lot of nice people who will appreciate having lots of fighters available. (They are dirt cheap to restock).

Hull: I've been working on getting my more tank, but I dont know why - the shields never go down.

Utilis: Yes, absolutely a 7a fuel scoop and and adv disc scanner.
OK, here is another version of my Corvette, with the mining stuff taken off, and then redone with all the engineering mods moved to "maxed out" at the same level under the new engineering system. (This is as per ED Shipyard and Beta 3, so there is more for things to be different in the final release).

The shields are now at 6247.9KI / 4272.8TH / 7497.5EX (effective). Jump range is a little more than 19Ly, which exceeds my goal of 17Ly. No Power Plant mod was needed with these weapons (so, you can armour it), and there is still a C7 and 2 C4 bays empty (could think about upping the Shield Cell Bank, but I barely use it).

Finally, Hull is at 4407.8KI / 5289.4TH / 3778.1EX (effective), which is pretty awesome, but I've not properly explored the option here. Given the jump range is 1.5Ly over my target value, I can add more mass (and use more power).

Best of all, I pretty much have all the mats I need to directly to convert to this build on Tuesday. This is a massive buff to this ship (I mean, my particular Corvette).
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I normally fit bi-weaves to my combat ships for the fast recharge but I find the Corvette is a different game.

In combat 1 of 2 things happen:-
1) You destroy opponents before your shields even get dented.
2) Your shields take a beating and you need to recharge them with an SCB.

Both of these scenarios negate the need for bi-weaves.

In the end, I just stuck a 7A prismatic shield on mine.
It takes forever to lose a ring so I just let it gradually go down, over extended periods of combat, and then crank it back up again with an SCB.

As for weapons, it depends on your own combat rank but once you reach Dangerous/Deadly you start seeing ships with insane amounts of SCBs.
That being the case, I feel like having the ability to strip shields in a single attack is important.

My vette has G5 long-range beam lasers fitted to the biggest hardpoints.
They can strip the shields of almost anything in one pass and do a lot of hull damage too, without requiring any ammo, which means I remain combat effective even when my other weapons run dry.

The large hardpoint has a G5 long-range MC, with the corrosive effect, for shredding hulls.

1 medium hardpoint is a turreted FC, which is there to deter ships from trying to get too close to me. It's position means 1 turret has sufficient arc to cover the entire ship.
The other medium hardpoint is a G5 long-range rail with the super-penetrator effect, for inflicting serious damage when the opportunity arises.

The 2 small hardpoints are turreted G5 long-range burst lasers with the scramble-spectrum and thermal shock effects.
Not really sure how useful these are but they're really just there to harass an opponent and keep them defensive.
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