Looking for Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC

Hello. we've tried to make contact in game to no avail. We are looking to speak with the player wing that supports the PMF Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC as we would like to open a line of dialogue between our two factions, if anything to merely establish communication between us.

Our faction was placed dangerously close to yours and as such, both of our BGS may be in jeopardy. We are offering a place at our Embassy table to have a representative of your wing, or several if you so choose.

We are not actively hostile towards other PMF and would prefer to coexist in our portion of the bubble along side you and, potentially, if an amicable resolution can be reached; display a force of combined arms in our hemisphere of the human bubble.

we hope to receive contact from you soon, preferably before too many cycles pass. We wish to retain full transparency with both potential allies and potential enemies so that our intentions are known and that nothing we say or do can be misconstrued.

I am so sorry for the late reply!
Currently I am leading SEC, although this is my personal faction right now and i am part of a larger playergroup.

You aren't the Faith indy group right? Because if that's the case ...

Anyways, i would love for you to contact me on Discord or something #0804 is my tag number ( i'm a pc player )

I've been away for a while but you might have noticed some activity lately ;)
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