Ship Builds & Load Outs Ships Looking for Type 10 PVE and Anti-Thargoid Builds

I'm looking for some suggested builds for the Type 10 in both the PVE and Anti-Thargoid role.

I keep seeing videos here and there of people using them effectively to hunt in PVE (HAZ Res, Assassination missions) and in taking down Thargoids (one apparently had Guardian Shard Cannons installed). However, in all these cases no builds are listed.

So tell me what builds you're using and why they're so effective and/or fun.

This build is what I can remember of my bounty hunting T-10 I had a few months ago. It could just about kill an elite npc Anaconda, but that is a struggle

To be honest, If you want to thargoid hunt, you're better of in a Sidewinder (seriously)

Due to the T-10's extremely slow speed, once you make a thargoid hostile, you're dead already. There's no running away from it.

Probably don't bother Thargoid hunting in a t10, I've tried it before and it didn't go well.

If you really want to do it though, this loadout would probably work:

That is absolute minimum, don't ignore the engineering.

Although you could get the AXI Anaconda, which is far better for half the price:
I don't use the T10 as an AX vessel, in my opinion it's bad for this.

What I use the T10 for is as an assassination runner.

This build is pre 3.4, I used it to kill the T9 at Vesper-M4.
To add, if instead of Interceptors you wanted to go after scouts, this works great:

Interceptors on the Type-10 are very hard for the reasons stated above. As much as this could be my favorite ship in the game, it really is too slow for Interceptors. It's hard mode for Interceptors basically.
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