Hello all as the tital suggests I would like to join a faction I am based in one of the Earth star ports currently as I get a lot of missions there. I currently fly an Anaconda and am ranked Lieutenant (42%) at time of post and very much focused on the Federal Corvette which I should have in a couple days and once I get that I will need something els to work on which is why id like to join a faction.

I am mostly a cargo runner and trader and would say im competent in combat but no expert and that's based on the ai ships I feal comfident I can take down I tend to evade any ship over competent level.

Anyway if you are based in the federation and closeish to Sol and would be happy for me to join let me know I currently play on xbox 1 as TerranJupiter.
Hi there Commander.
Sadly we don't yet have an X-Box contingent and we really have no idea how to encourage enough X-Box players to join our faction.
Nevertheless, may you have good luck and should you find yourself in any of our systems you will be welcome, if a little lonely.

I know you mention Federation but I'll pop this here in case it's worth considering - though perhaps not, considering your name ;):

Speaking from my own past experience, the Order of Mobius has a healthy and thriving XBox division although they are an independent organisation based in Azrael.
You can make further enquiries by joining the Mobius Discord and contacting one of the OoM staff - their names will be in orange.
Mobius Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/RrFfNmU
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Greetings TerranJupiter! The Wrecking Crew is looking for a few great Commanders to join our Independent Cooperative, PvE player group focused mainly on combat and missions. We are looking for very active players who love to have fun, don't take themselves to seriously, and who would love the support of a wing through their travels! Drop us a line on discord to see what we are all about! Noob or seasoned, WE WANT YOU! CMDR Winged Gecko o7 https://discord.gg/2xYZmJg https://inara.cz/squadron/2758/View attachment 140217
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