[FEDERATION] Looking to join a federal (group? , clan? , guild?, faction? ) OK i do not know what there actually called but you get it

as you can probably guess i am very new to this and i was told that playing with a group is more fun. that piece of advice when applicable tends to be true so here i am so any one looking for another member? :)

it occurs to me that i should have included more information

Activities: honestly i am up for anything

Ship: Currently i am in a type 7 transport for money making but i easily have the credits to upgrade to a superior vessel for anything else or a type 9

Experience: very little with this game but i have played plenty of airplane (dog fighting games) so i assume i know how to maneuver at least a bit

also even if your not interested could you reply with the info i am also supposed to put up again i am new thanks :)?
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Hello Basalisc
Spiral Spirits Division

I know you are looking for a Federal group, but i'll post this anyway if you change your mind if you want to change power :) As Spiral Spirits is an Imperial faction.
Do you want to be part of a growing faction that is fun, energetic and helpful? Protector of our home system in Coriat, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Why not join Spiral Spirits Division today? It is a newly created faction, working on their goals to bringing peace throughout the galaxy by expanding and maintaining each system and ending unnecessary wars. Come join us on our mission. We have taken over our home system.

We have got a PMF and an in-game squadron [Squadron ID: SSD1]

We accept all type of players, ideally Imperial Aligned but not essential.
We accept all players from all platforms.
We welcome all players from new to experienced.
We have got quite a few ranks that need filling with dedicated members :)

Join our Discord server to find out more information and apply: https://discord.gg/6KCpP9x
If that link doesn't work, put this in where it says join server 6KCpP9x on discord.

See you on board CMDR! :)
Greetings Cmdr, My name is Vice President Hank Sweeny, The faction leader of the Retro Party Of Voltrigones. We are looking to employ Junior Analysts to our growing organisation on PC and PS4, if you are interested you can find more details here.

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