Looking to make friends

Hi my name is Alex 36 from me Portsmouth. Im looking to make some like-minded friends who also enjoy theme parks and rollercoasters.

I have been to 33 theme parks and have 140 credit's ( not that I'm really counting)

I would describe myself as having a reserved interest rather than classify myself as a full coaster nerd. I monitor websites like screamscape to keep up with the latest news and follow various vlogs in order to help formulate my own travel plans which normally consist of 1 or 2 theme park holidays a year. My partner enjoys theme parks and rollercoasters but sometimes asks to drop plans for a second or third trip of the year and doesn't care too much about who manufactured the ride etc etc. I literally don't know anyone else who shares my common interest so I'm looking to change that.

I'm aware that there are various coaster meetups taking place which would be an ideal opportunity to make friends but I don't quite categorise myself as being part of that kind of group and feel that it would be a leap too far but if anyone is in the same boat as me and looking to chat/share experiences and ultimately meet up sometime then start with hello and see where we go?
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