Roller Coasters Looping Star - Blueprint (by Mennoo_)

Over the past few days I have been working on a blueprint version of the famous Schwarzkopf Looping Star Model with full custom supports. My aim was to deliver a blueprint which is easily placeable and recolorable for all users. The blueprint contains a very simplistic station building as well (which is also easily recolorable). Only adding a path texture to the narrow part of the station needs a trick to do so due to a part of the track being to close to the station, but it has been shown in the video how to do so.

The blueprint comes in 2 version. 1 version contains a fairground-like structure of horizontal beams for the supports to stand on. The Park version contains concrete footers instead of these beams, giving you more space and freedom at the areas in between to decorate with foliage, terrain editting, etc.


Park Version

Fairground Version

Video & Screens


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Lovely! I grew up with Lisebergloopen so I am happy to see a well made version! so I do not have to try to make one, haha. Also the switch track too!

At first I got puzzled about the versions then you said the metal structure vs concrete. ooh! Interesting. :) Obviously Liseberg got the park version. It also have the exit path on "other side" so the path go over the track close to the loop as in a bridge. If I recall correct. Been a while!

Only I wish the PlanCo station would be a little narrower! The station was quite narrow on this one. Not much room to walk.
That´s a wonderful recreation!
Helena is right: The transportable version had the queue going over a bridge over the brake-run. Then the queue would go through the inner part of the ride and boarding would happen on that side as well.
Sadly the station set-up doesn´t allow that in PlanCo.
Jeah I'm aware that normally the Looping Stars had those bridges over the brake run for the exit or queue. However, the exit paths in PlanCo can't be smaller than 4m, which results in too big bridges. And queueline at that side also puts the gates of the station at the other side, which is way too big to look good imo. Of course you can still try it yourself (Therefore you still need to do the trick to delete a small part of the track and replace it back later before you can edit the station)

@Helena, actually the Liseberg Loopen was a fairground model. Most looping stars had the support structure standing on those beams. Viper - SixFlags AstroWorld is an example which has the footers instead of the beams, giving them the posibilities for the little lake in the middle
Ooh interesting!! It was a different time back in time, I can see by their other rides they did have a fairground focus even if it was a park. I think it changed around mid 80s.
Back in time they even rent out space for people to own rides separate. I think the last one was Rainbow. I did not realize it at that time, but now when I learnt about it, I remember the guy taking the tickets, always same guy! So I guess they collect tickets and then go to Liseberg and tell the visitor number and get paid that way.

Ok sorry I digress, I went off there. :D

Thank you for the clarification, then I know to use correct model for the park, if I ever do a Liseberg recreation! ha ha!
How strange. have I but all forgotten Loopen's structure? I can't see the bridge here! :O

Now I think I know why. I was mixing Hangover (Vekoma Invertigo, on same place after Loopen) with Loopen. Sorry Loopen. Apparently Loopen had the exit park style. :D
And on this teeny pix we can see the metal support at ground! So Loopen is a combination, ha ha ha!

Sorry for hijacking!

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